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15 Things To Do in Prague – A Must See and Do List!

Prague is a magical city with century’s old architecture, pompous cathedrals and one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. If you are like many tourists who have a week or less

Visit Prague Castle: Hours, Tours and History

A visit to Prague Castle will be one you will never forget. It has such a rich history and visual artistic elements that you might feel like you’re going into sensory overload.

Top 10 Facts in St Vitus Cathedral History

St. Vitus Cathedral is a major work of art and explosive to see in person, it has hundreds of interesting facts. It is a notable part of history, which began during the

Top 10 Interesting Charles Bridge Prague Facts

Since Charles Bridge Prague attraction is exceptionally beautiful as well as old, there are quite a few interesting facts to be considered. Not only is it a famous landmark, but it also