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Top 10 Most Famous Italy Landmarks Travelers Talk About

One can hardly take a step in the boot shaped country of Italy without discovering something that bears some historical relevance. Situated in the old world where some of the earliest civilizations

20 Places To Visit in Italy – A Must-See List!

Italy is the cradle of Renaissance cultural movement that gave birth to magnificent works of art, architecture, literally masterpieces, scientific breakthroughs and innovations in societal relations.

Top 10 Venice Hotels on Grand Canal

Most of the Venice hotels have amazing architectural designs that date back to ancient times. Although many received restorative facelifts over the years, they continue to display their full beauty.

7 Interesting Facts About St Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy also has the name Piazza San Marco and is the main attraction for miles. Most photographers visit here at least once in their lifetime to take

Venice Tourist Attractions – Unusual Top 10 List!

Venice tourist attractions are as unusual as the city itself. After all, with streets made from water, you can be sure that nothing will surprise you. Once you get there, you will