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Sydney Nightlife – Top 10 Hottest Spots In The City!

Searching for Sydney nightlife is not as difficult as some might imagine. In fact, there are quite a few exceptional attractions that are very enjoyable. The top 10 hottest spots to enjoy

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Sydney

When your next vacation leads you to Australia, you will want a list of fun things to do in Sydney. The country is filled with excitement so you should plan before you

Top 10 Funny Sydney Opera House Facts

1. One of the top funny Sydney Opera House events involves the netting installed above the pit of the orchestra. This net was needed because a live chicken used in an opera

7 Interesting Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge took close to sixty years to pay off. The bridge was not completely paid off until the year 1988, in part because the original toll was small. There