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Museum Island – Great Place To Spend Time in Berlin!

Museum Island in Berlin is a great place to spend time when you are looking for something unique to fill your day. This is because there are hundreds of science and art

Top 10 Germany Tourist Attractions List

Germany tourist attractions are endless; practically every town in Germany has some sort of history attached. Vacationers can find something different to do every day; regardless of the area your hotel is

Top 10 Things To Do In Berlin

Berlin, Germany is a city that is alive with history and culture. Much of this revolves around the amazing and oftentimes tragic Jewish history. This in no way should discourage anyone from

7 Interesting Facts About Sanssouci Palace

When planning a trip to Germany, guests will find that this is a beautiful country that is alive with history and culture. As with most of Europe there are several palaces that

Circus Hotel Berlin Review

Ranked number two out of all the 5 star hotels in Berlin, the Circus Hotel Berlin is one of the top hotels to stay at. For a five star rating the cost