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Top 10 Things To Do in Cairo Egypt

Cairo is a bustling modern city with its roots deeply set in its rich history. Hordes of tourists and history buffs flock to the city to explore its past speckled with mysterious

Diving in Dahab – 5 Good Reasons To Go!

1. Affordable Prices – One of the reasons that diving in Dahab is so popular is the cost. Egypt diving holidays can range from fairly inexpensive to extremely costly, depending on where

7 Secrets of Red Sea with Sharm El Sheikh Diving

1. The Shark and Yolanda Reefs – The Shar Reef and Yolanda Reef combined are one of the secrets of Sharm El Sheikh diving. No matter why you visit Egypt, diving these

7 Interesting Facts about Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh

1. A Unique Hilltop Location – Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is situated on the high cliffs, giving guests a unique view from their rooms. If you are going to visit

Egyptian Archeology Tours – What Should I Expect From Them?

Egyptian archeology is a subject that fascinates almost everyone, so it is no wonder that tours which cover this subject are so popular. But what should you expect when you visit Egypt

Egypt Nile River Cruises – 5 Tips How To Pick The Best One!

1. Price Comparison Is Important – Egypt Nile River cruises can be found which will fit into almost any budget or price range, and it is important that you compare prices before

7 Reasons To Visit Valley of The Kings in Egypt

1. See The Ancient Artwork – The Valley of the Kings in Egypt is full of exquisite artwork dating back many years. Birds, animals, important leaders, and other drawings and paintings are