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20 Places To Visit in Italy – A Must-See List!

Italy is the cradle of Renaissance cultural movement that gave birth to magnificent works of art, architecture, literally masterpieces, scientific breakthroughs and innovations in societal relations.

Top 10 Things To Do In Rome With Kids

Traveling with children can sometimes pose a challenge, but luckily, there are quite a few things to do in Rome with kids. If you have children who are naturally inquisitive, your sightseeing

Top 10 Most Terrifying Vatican City Facts

According to widely popularized Vatican City facts it’s the smallest sovereign country in the world that exists in the heart of Italy, Rome, which also stamps its own coins, has its own

7 Most Interesting Facts in St Peter’s Basilica History

1. One of the most interesting facts about St Peter’s Basilica is the number of tombs included. Out of more than one hundred tombs located here ninety one are the tombs of