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Top 10 Hotels in Sochi That Will Make You Come Back Again

1. Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi – Named The Black Sea Pearl in Russian, this is one of the top hotels in Sochi. The great service and fantastic views from the room make

2014 Winter Olympic Games: Top 10 Reasons To Attend!

1. Winter Olympics Held In a Subtropical Region – The 2014 Winter Olympic games will be held in Sochi, which is in a subtropical climate. This is a first time as far

10 Facts About Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi

1. Zhemchuzhina Hotel in Sochi is named The Pearl when translated into English. This unique name was given because the hotel sits on the sea, and is considered a real gem by

Sochi 2014: How to Plan Your Next Olympics Vacation?

If you want to see the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, it will require some planning and effort. Sochi 2014 looks like it will be an experience well worth the