Toledo Zoo Review: Things To Do and See!

Toledo ZooOf all the places to visit in Ohio, the Toledo Zoo continuously ranks as the number one attraction in the region, and with its historic architecture, wide array of animals and its reputation as a leader in animal conservation it’s not hard to see why.

Located just 4 miles from downtown, the Toledo Zoo is an exemplary family attraction; it is well laid out and offers visitors experiences that they may have never had before, thanks to their remarkable staging expertise. Take the Tembo Trail for example; as you meander along the path will you see elephants? Is there a rhino beyond that tree? Are the hippos around the next corner? The zoo brings the African savanna and jungle forests to life, right before your eyes, possibly getting you closer to the magnificent beasts than you ever thought possible. After the trail, be sure to check out the African animal carousel, the only one in the country where you can climb aboard a giraffe, a lion or an elephant, all for just $2 a ride.

Fans of the great north will marvel at the Arctic Encounter area, as polar bear watching becomes one of the things to do in Toledo—who knew? Twin polar bear cubs are about to make their debut in the encounter, starting in May of 2013, having been born in November of 2012. These little cuties join their mom as they frolic and play, all with an easy to access underwater viewing area so you never miss a thing.

Speaking of underwater viewing, you won’t want to miss the Hippoquarium– the first of its kind when it first opened– which allows visitors to get close to these mammoth creatures as they go about their daily business.

New for this year at the Toledo Zoo is the Wild Walkabout—Wonders from Down Under, an exhibit that runs from May 24th to September 2, 2013. Here you can walk through a wallaby enclosure, check out the cassowaries safely in their enclosure, see dangerous snakes like the taipan and death adder, marvel at the saltwater crocs, watch dingoes and witness what life is really like on the Great Barrier Reef in the new underwater exhibit.

If the Toledo Zoo is already on your list of things to do in Ohio, your family is in for a fantastic day of fun and learning. Beautifully landscaped with marked trails and something new around every corner, the zoo has something for everyone whether you spend time in the aviary or the reptile house, you love the Africa! exhibit or you are partial to the apes in the monkey house. Daily shows, feeding schedules and rides like the Safari Railway Train and the Vintage Carousel only add to the fun, and there are cafes and kiosks sprinkled around to keep everyone happy.

Come explore the Toledo Zoo this summer, it is close to several Toledo Ohio hotels and hey, how else can you travel to the arctic, the savanna and Australia all in one day?