Top 10 Alaska Cruise Shore Excursions Not To Miss!

Alaska Cruise Shore ExcursionsAlaska cruise shore excursions are super exciting, but you can get overwhelmed by the majestic views. This is why it is so important to plan ahead. If you are looking for the best places to explore and sightsee, Alaska is definitely the place to be.

The top 10 Alaska cruise shore excursions not to miss are listed below:

1. Whales and Rainforest – Alaska cruises from Seattle often offer a visit to these trails where whales can be spotted and the rainforest explored. The hike is very easy and accessible.

2. Helicopter Tour – Book a helicopter to tour the Mendenhall Glacier. One of the most thrilling Alaska cruise shore excursions because you can see more of the area from a distance. The photo opportunities are phenomenal.

3. Canopy and Zipline – Your Disney Alaska cruise allows you to explore the natural canopy of Juneau, Alaska’s rain forest and zipline over 6000 feet across.

4. Brew and Bike Tour – Not all Alaskan cruise tours feature this, so you may need to inquire. If you enjoy bikes and beer, this is the perfect adventure. The ride is approximately 11 miles and ends with a stop at the Alaska Brewing Company.

5. Fisherman’s Tour – No Alaska cruise shore excursion would be complete without taking a trip to Ketchikan and visiting the Bering Sea Crab commercial fishing spot. Even the Discovery Channel films here.

6. Mountain Point Snorkeling – If the weather is warm enough, you can don a wetsuit and swim within inches of the native marine life.

7. Near Island Kayak Adventure – Many cruise lines do not venture as far as Kodiak, but most Alaska cruises from Vancouver do; your trip will include paddling 4 hours, then a beach lunch.

8. Visiting Baranov Museum – Excellent for local culture and artwork. Features Native artifacts and Russian art. If you have time, across from the museum is a quaint coffeehouse and bookstore.

9. Wilderness Adventure – Travel using 4×4 vehicles along Sitka Kruzof Island, a rainforest.

10. Wildlife Quest – Traveling by tour boat, search for otters, sea lions, whales, harbor seals, bald eagles, blacktail deer and brown bears