Top 10 Alaska Glaciers

Alaska GlaciersAlaska glaciers are incredible landmarks of many Alaskan cruises attracting an increasing number of tourists every year. Alaska’s long harsh winters complemented by short cool summers create ideal conditions for continuous formation of new Alaska glaciers and maintaining old ones.

Alaska glaciers are living creations that are in the process of never ending change and shaping miraculous Alaskan landscape. During your Alaska tours you will be lucky to hear groaning and creaking sounds once you come closer to their transparent icy walls of the glaciers and take a breath of the freshest icy air. Do not be startled by these strange sounds as these are indications of continuous transformations of Alaska glaciers.

Let’s take a look at top 10 Alaska glaciers:

1. Hubbard Glacier is Alaska’s longest glacier stretching over the length of 76 miles. Hubbard glacier is considered one of the most active in Alaska frequently making creaking sounds and dropping massive chunks of ice into the water making for a great showcase of Alaskan majestic wilderness.

2. Colombia Glacier is considered the second largest tidewater glacier in Alaska. Colombia Glacier stretches 25 miles in length and spreads across 400 square miles. This glacier makes for spectacular Alaskan spectacle, namely, glacier calving when colossal pieces of ice are broken off and come plunging into icy waters.

3. Harding Icefield is included in many Kenai Fjords tours showcasing its majestic tidewater glaciers. The Harding Icefield is better explored via small boat excursions departing from the port of Seward, Alaska.

4. Kahiltna Glacier is an ultimate playground for world class mountaineers setting on climbing expeditions starting in May and ending sometime in September. Many Mounts and peaks found in close proximity to the Kahiltna Glacier in Denali National Park present challenging climbing routes.

5. Ruth Glacier is one of the tallest in Alaska reaching almost 3 vertical miles in height and could be located in the Denali National Park. Ruth Glacier is one of the most active glaciers moving at a speed of 3 ft per day which does not cease to amaze many glaciologists.

6. Located in the snowiest part of Alaska, Worthington Glacier is easily accessible for all tourists right at the parking lot viewing area off Richardson Highway. Hikers have a chance for a more up-close look at the Worthington Glacier by hiking up the Moraine Trail. Worthington glacier is involved in active ongoing glacier study to understand the influence of drastic climatic changes on the earth.

7. Tracy Arm Glacier is found among many glaciers of Tracy Arm fjord surrounded by mile high mountains and milky blue waterfalls streaming down to the waters. Tracy Arm is one of the most beloved Alaska glaciers that many whales, harbor seals, mountain goats, bears and many bird species call their home.

8. Twin Sawyer Glacier is another fantastic glacier found along Tracy Arm fjord in Alaska. Twin Sawyer Glaciers are perfect reminders of the landscapes during the Ice Age. Most Alaskan cruises passengers usually come out of their cabins to enjoy the spectacular views of Twin Sawyer Glacier and abundance of wildlife.

9. Mendenhall Glacier is the most tourist-friendly located just south of Juneau, Alaska. Ease of accessibility makes it a popular destination for many Alaska tours. This glacier can be reached right off the main highway in Juneau, while others require taking an airplane or boat rides in order to reach them.

10. Kennicott Glacier will greet you proudly upon your approach to Mount Blackburn. It’s location near a small ghost town of Kennecott, and old abandoned mining settlement, adds to the alluring attraction of Kennicott Glacier.

The best Alaska cruises from Seattle or Vancouver will take you to the Glacier Bay with a dense concentration of easily accessible Alaska Glaciers.