Top 10 Buenos Aires Nightlife Hot Spots!

Buenos Aires NightlifeBuenos Aires nightlife is legendary and has earned the city the reputation as yet another city that never sleeps, because almost everyone is out partying till the wee hours of the morning! There are clubs that are great to go to before another club, main clubs that everyone wants to be at, and those afterhours clubs and bars that make sure the party never ends. While there are Buenos Aires tours that will take you to several places in a night, if you want to go it alone, these are the top 10 places to check out:

1. Roxy Disco. If Rock and Roll is what moves you, you’ll want to check out this club with its experienced DJ’s that will take requests and play it all. This club is a positive and friendly club that doesn’t appear in many guidebooks, and is mostly attended by locals. Open from 1:30am Friday and Saturday.

2. The Basement Club @ The Shamrock. This classic Irish bar uses its basement space for this club that is open Thursdays at 9pm and Friday and Saturdays starting at 1am. Electronic music is on the menu in this small club with cheap drinks and rotating DJ’s.

3. Alsina. For some of the best in Buenos Aires nightlife, this is the place to be. On Saturday nights, world famous DJ’s spin the tunes in this cavernous space with a capacity for 3000. Doors open on Saturdays at 1am and it re-opens for an after party starting at 3pm on Sunday.

4. Levitar. Small and intimate, this club is the best in the Berlin sound, there is an outdoor terrace—great for smokers—and the party gets started later at 5am so you can check out other clubs before you arrive.

5. Caix. Close to hotels in Buenos Aries, this after hours club boasts 5 dance floors and offers patrons the option of using it as an after hours club or getting the party started right there. Opening times are 12:30am-6am Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and 9am-3pm on Sunday.

6. Fiesta Bubamara. This slightly different take on Buenos Aires nightlife takes on a different location each month. As a regular party, it features a mix of reggae, house, rock and live music and a great mix of people.

7. Crobar. A mix of electro/ dance/and soul music featured in two different rooms. There is a lively mix of visitors and locals; it is stylish and upmarket, and open from 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

8. Angels. Always busy and always a great time, Angels has two dance floors and is a mecca for both straight and the lesbian/gay community. It features electro dance music and is open Thursday through Saturday nights from 1:30am.

9. Hype @ Kika. This Buenos Aires nightlife location allows one to dance all night to mixes of house, techno and hip hop. It is only open on Tuesday nights and pulls in international DJ’s to thrill the international crowd.

10. Sitges. This World Music Club is also a great place for comedy shows, drag shows, and of course music. It is a great place to get the party started as it opens from 10:30 Wed-Sun. A great place for singles, gays and anyone looking for fun.

With all the things to do in Buenos Aires by day, you had better rest up to take in at least some of the awesome Buenos Aires nightlife come night!