Top 10 China Tourist Attractions

China Tourist AttractionsChina is a country known for its history and culture. It has so many tourist attractions, it will be hard to cover in many articles, but most visitors prefer to rely on some sort of top 10 attractions to visit. We looked at many guides and composed a list of what Western visitors love to visit while being on one of the predefined tours.

1. The Great Wall of China – Probably by far the most popular China tourist attraction is The Great Wall. This wall spans for more than five thousand miles, and is a symbol of more than two thousand years of history. There are various places where you can tour the Great Wall but Badaling is by far among the most popular places to visit in China located some 40 miles north of Beijing. It’s also the most preserved portion of the Wall with excellent infrastructure of military fortification equipment.

2. Terracotta Warriors – The Terracotta Warriors are of the most unique China tourist attractions. These statues are extremely realistic, right down to their rank insignia and uniforms, and are a must see when in China. There are eight thousands of figures located at the site of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang in Xi’an province of China, and they were buried with the Emperor in 210 B.C. with the purpose to accompany their Emperor in his afterlife journey. Historians believe that at the time of burial several mercury filled rivers were flowing through the site due to the ancient Chinese belief that this chemical compound grants eternal life.

3. The Forbidden City – The Forbidden City in China along with the Palace Museum is one of the world renowned China tourist attractions, and a main location for Beijing visitors. This was the seat of power during more than one dynasty, and the Palace Museum offers a view of ancient history that is unique and spectacular. Holding many incredible gates, palaces, courtyards, dignified halls, gardens and worship sites, it’s one of the most incredible places to visit in China.

Tiananmen Square4. Tiananmen Square – Tiananmen Square is one of the well known of the China tourist attractions, and not just in a positive way. Visitors from around the world visit China just to visit this historic location. One of the best China tourist attractions is Tiananmen Square. Tiananmen means “The Gate of Heavenly Peace”. This is aptly named since it is said that the construction of Tiananmen Square broke down the walls of the Forbidden City. Once occupied by the imperial office, Tiananmen Square is best known as the place where Mao Zedong declared the People’s Republic of China. This is also where the original gate of the Imperial Palace was located. This is absolutely not a place to miss while visiting China.

5. Ming Dynasty Tombs – One of the biggest tourist attractions in China are the tombs of the Ming Dynasty emperors. There are thirteen tombs in all, situated 30 miles from central Beijing. The Spirit Way road lined with statues of mythical creatures leads visitors to the sacred tombs. Only three tombs are open to the public with Dingling one being the most popular showcasing exquisite replicas of artifacts that were found buried with Emperor, Empress and their family members. Unfortunately, many original artifacts either suffered extensive damage due to poor storage conditions or were destroyed by fervent Red Guards back in the 1960’s.

Ancient Suzhou6. Ruins of Ancient Suzhou – Ruins from this ancient town are a popular attraction for tourists, and for good reasons. There are many structures still standing which were built many hundreds of years ago. If architecture, history, or culture are interesting to you then these ruins offer an incredible trip. Visitors of Ancient Suzhou are able to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the famous Suzhou gardens while enjoying the beautiful architecture of the many interesting historic buildings. Among these very interesting attractions are Tiger Hill Pagoda, the Tomb of King He Lu, Sword Testing Stone and Sword Pool as well as Thousand People Rock. While touring through Ancient Suzhou, visitors will be able to get a real feel for China’s history. Visitors will be able to walk away with a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

7. Longmen Grottoes – Top China tourist attractions include the intricate system of Grottoes, a system of more than one thousand caves and numerous pagodas nearby to explore. These caves and historic structures are unbelievable, and the ancient Buddhist art you will see is astonishing. Also called the Dragon’s Gate Grottoes, these were dug in limestone cliffs situated by the Yi River. They are included with other UNESCO China tourist attractions for their unique display of sacred Buddhist art.

8. Yangtze River Cruise – Yangtze China River cruise can be a fantastic way to experience the longest river in China. Known as one of the most famous China tourist attractions, the Yangtze River is breathtaking and a must see if you are in China. Among incredible places to visit in China situated along Yangtze River you will find Fengdu Ghost City, White Emperor, Chongqing and Yichang Cities along with Daning River and various streams.

9. Li River Cruise and Guilin – China river cruises down the Li River are very popular. The scenery is exquisite, with mountains, waterfalls, and plenty of other unique and beautiful sights along the way. Taking you to some of the most unique China tourist attractions you will see lots of typical scenes from the local life like peasants floating by in their rafts, locals working in rice fields surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

10. Tibet – Tibet trekking is a popular side activity for tourists when in China. Tibet tours can also include Lhasa, the seat of Dalai Lama and other famous places, as well as hiking up mountains and through natural landscapes which will challenge your physical fitness at times.