Top 10 Cities To See on Volga River Cruises

Volga River CruisesThe Volga River is readily recognized around the world as the national symbol of Russia. The Volga River is truly the longest and one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe that was portrayed in many literary and folklore masterpieces. The Volga River is sometimes called the Mother of all Rivers that plays a significant role in the economy of Russia. Taking one of Volga River cruises is a great way to see not one but many cities that sit proudly on the Volga River and hold plenty of landmarks and sights for you to discover.

Below we compiled a list of top 10 cities to see while you are on board of one of the Volga River cruises:

1. Astrakhan is the place where Volga drains into the Caspian Sea and one of the most economically significant areas of Russian. Its fertile soils lend to fantastic crops and waters produce famous sturgeon fish that is harvested for making famous black caviar and other truly Russian delicacies. Here you will be invited to see famous Astrakhan Kremlin and several Cathedrals.

2. Volgograd – Formerly called Stalingrad after infamous Russian ruler Stalin, this city is a top attraction for cruises. It is the place where the epic Battle of Stalingrad took place between 1942 and 1943 that virtually decided the fate of WWII. The architecture you view will be unlike what you can find on most river cruises in Europe, and the exciting atmosphere of the city is contagious.

3. Saratov – One of the top cities to see on Volga River cruises is Saratov. This city is one of the major Russian cities, and it does offer fantastic sights and many attractions. This is a popular shore excursion for many cruise itineraries. The well known Saratov Bridge over Volga was once considered the longest in Europe.

4. Samara – Once called Kuybyshev, Samara is one of the biggest and most extravagant cities which feature in Volga River cruises. It’s especially attractive to travelers because not long ago it used to be one of closed cities that no foreign traveler could access.

5. Ulyanovsk is one of the famous cities included in many Russian River cruises itineraries due to the fact that Ulyanovsk (formerly Simbirsk) was the place where infamous Vladimir Lenin was born that later became the initiator of The Great October Revolution in 1917 in Russia.

6. Kazan – This is one of the most historic cities along the river. Founded in 1005, you will find beautiful scenery, interesting architecture, and a friendly population that may not be found on even the best European river cruises in other countries.

7. Nizhniy Novgorod is one of the most historically and economically significant centers of Russia. Having been completely burnt down by the Mongol army in 1408, the city was later restored to its full glory. Huge fortress was later built to allow citizens to withstand Mongol attacks. This city is truly a gem that is worth discovering.

8. Yaroslavl was once considered one of the major centers of Russia many centuries ago that suffered multiple devastating attacks by Mongolian Armies. Nowadays Yaroslavl is a very important historical area that is worth exploring by visiting one of many churches and cathedrals located in the city.

9. Tver – Located to the north of Moscow capital it was once a very prominent province of Old Russia. Currently Tver is a well known travel attraction allowing its visitors to see many cathedrals, museums and other tourist sights.

10. Moscow, the capital of Russia does not actually sit on the famous Volga River, however, it belongs to the Volga drainage basin and a lot of Volga River cruises start from this world’s famous capital. Moscow city has a lot to offer, and you may want to stay an extra day or two here just to see some of the sights, including the Red Square, the Kremlin, fantastic churches, museums and art galleries.

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