Top 10 Clearwater Beach Attractions

Clearwater Beach AttractionsMost of the best Clearwater Beach attractions focus on the water, because this city is situated around the calming, aquamarine blue Gulf of Mexico water. But, you may find it interesting to note, that not all of the attractions can be found on the water. Many others surround the beautiful landscape.

When your plans have you travelling towards the south and you start looking for things to do in Clearwater, Fl all you need is to be sure that your time is well spent is to come up with the perfect itinerary. One that is diverse in exciting adventures and lazy sun-filled days.

The great news is Clearwater Beach is one of the best places to visit in Florida. You can enjoy the beach, dine on fresh-caught seafood and even find a great night club or two to dance the night away.

The top 10 Clearwater Beach attractions include:

1. Pier 60 Clearwater Florida – At just over a mile from the center of the city, this is the area that is always brewing with activities. You can stroll along the boardwalk, enjoy a few rides at the amusement park and during the end of your day, find a cozy spot and wait for the gorgeous sunset.

2. Clearwater Beach – You can find a number of Clearwater Beach rentals that are less than one mile from the pristine water and white, sandy beach. The closer you are, the more opportunities you have to indulge in parasailing, jet skiing or just an afternoon of sunbathing.

3. Early Bird Dinner Theater – If you want to experience the Clearwater Beach nightlife in a different way, head over to this theater where you can see an excellent live show and enjoy a fabulous dinner as well. They often feature up beat comedies to make you laugh out loud.

4. Clearwater dinner cruise – One of the most romantic ways to enjoy yourself is to book a dinner cruise with a tropical theme. You will have the opportunity to watch the sunset while sailing along the Gulf of Mexico. Step out onto the dance floor and work off some calories from dinner.

5. Congo River Adventure Golf – This is one of the more adventurous Clearwater Beach attractions, because of the live gators that you will encounter. It’s a great place to play mini-golf too.

6. Clearwater Aquarium – Is always one of the more interesting of all Clearwater Beach attractions, because they specialize in rehabilitating marine life and you can see them nursing the dolphins and sea turtles back to health. You can also pet a few stingrays.

7. Encounters with dolphins – This is one of the Clearwater Beach attractions that you must participate in while visiting because it is the best way to see them up close. The tour usually lasts around 45 minutes to an hour and you also dock on a beach to hunt for seashells.

8. Birdwatching – Bird Island is one of the more popular Clearwater Beach attractions for avid birdwatchers. Here you can see Double Crested Cormorants, Blue Herons, Sandhill Cranes and White Ibis’. They are virtually everywhere you look, so make sure you have your camera handy.

9. Caladesi Island State Park – If you want some solitude, book a short ride by boat to this island. Pack your lunch, camera and make sure you have good foot gear on. Once there, you can spend time on the hiking trails and admire all of the native animals and rare flora. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can rent a boat or kayak and head over without a guide.

10. Sand Key Park – Although Clearwater Beach is quite lovely, it can get over crowded at times. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your afternoon, this is a better choice. The beach is absolutely pristine and also has a playground, gardens and a picnic area.