Top 10 Crater Lake National Park Lodging Options

Crater Lake National Park LodgingCrater Lake National Park lodging is actually somewhat restricted, because of the number of facilities. There are two campgrounds inside the park and two accommodating lodges.

Crater Lake National Park lodging outside of the park is much more abundant. You can choose from hotels, apartment and condominium rentals. The numbers of ways you can find the right accommodations are dependent on what you need for your vacation. However, if you are looking for the best, try this list.

The top 10 Crater Lake National Park lodging options can be found below:

1. Crater Lake Lodge – This is one of the two Crater Lake National Park lodging options that are located directly on the premises. They offer 71 rooms from May until October.

2. Mazama Village Motor Inn – The second of the Crater Lake hotels within the park. This facility has 40 rooms and remains open between June and September only.

3. CrystalWood Lodge – Perfect for those who want to bring their pets. In fact, they welcome them. This also a great hotel for Crater Lake Hiking as it is right outside of the park.

4. The Porter Loft – Another type of accommodation near Crater Lake National Park. This is more like an apartment, with a full kitchen, satellite TV and even a living room.

5. Mazama Village Campground – For those who want to experience Crater Lake National Park camping, this is the spot. It is not an average campsite. You have running showers and a whole lot more.

6. The Running Y Ranch Resort – A wonderful and relaxing hotel with mountain ridge views. They also have a golf course. They have great choices of rooms and amenities, including a pizzeria and deli.

7. Crater Lake Bed and Breakfast – An amazing place to spend your nights. The proprietor provides fresh linens and lots of little luxuries, including breakfast in bed. They are close enough to Crater Lake that you can arrive in less than 20 minutes.

8. Rocky Point Resort – If you cannot find a site at Mazama Village campgrounds, this is the best alternative. They offer quiet sites with ample fishing and hiking trails.

9. Thompson’s Bed and Breakfast – Another great B & B with cozy rooms and warm, hospitable hosts. It is different from a hotel because of the personal touches.

10. Shilo Suites Hotel – One of the only traditional-style hotels to make the top 10. It is very quaint and well kept. The distance from Crater Lake is just 34 miles.