Top 10 Czech Castles To Visit!

Czech CastlesThere are literally hundreds of Czech castles situated all over this European country and this can make deciding which one to visit extremely difficult, especially if you do not know the history behind each one.

Similarly, completing this type of research can also be overwhelming and take some time. The great news is the best Czech castles are all quite notable and easy to locate, if you know where to start.

Listed below are the top 10 Czech castles to visit:

1. Prague Castle – The largest castle on Earth per the Guinness Book of Records, is impressive in all aspects. Throughout the history and in modern times, it played a significant role in the history of the country. Combining virtually all architectural and design styles, it’s a pleasure to explore for connoisseurs and laymen of art.

2. Cesky Krumlov Castle – This is one of the most impressive castles in the Czech Republic, coming in second only to Prague Castle. In addition to the complex, there are also several smaller buildings or mini-castles on the premises.

3. Karlstejn Castle – This castle provides historical tours including the Imperial Palace and the Marian tower. Each tour takes about an hour, so if you want to see the entire castle, you will need to book multiple tours for the entire day.

4. Krivoklat Castle – Originally established around 1200, this castle was once the home of Bohemian kings. The tours include viewings of the museum and a number of theatrical exhibits. They also have a huge display of Gothic paintings, hunting weapons and all types of books and manuscripts.

5. Vysehrad Castle – Upon entering the castle grounds, you must first tour the magnificent park that virtually engulfs the entire area. Once inside, you will marvel at the astonishing architecture as well as the impressive views of Prague itself.

6. Konopiste Castle – This castle dates back to the 1400s and has a combination coach, walking tour. The huge forest surrounds the structure, which makes for a wonderful ride on the property. Inside, there are tapestries, furniture, weapons and paintings to ogle.

7. Mikulov Castle – This is one of the medieval Czech castles that suffered greatly due to World War II. The whole castle was once burned to the ground and fully rebuilt during the 1700s. It serves as a Regional museum, completely capable of holding large events, concerts, balls and holiday festivals.

8. Cervena Lhota – This bright, red structure is one of the most significant and easily recognized Czech castles in the Republic. It draws 120,000 tourists annually. Between the interior décor and the exquisitely maintained gardens, this is a great place to spend the day.

9. Benatky nad Jizerou Castle – This castle dates back to 1052 at which time, the people built the settlement. This Czech castle hosts an annual festival in September which lasts many days. They feature music, dancing and theatrical performances.

10. Straznice Castle – Located in Moravian, the southern section of the Czech Republic, this castle stands as a tribute to the city that fortified the Czech state borders during the 1350s. It is the National Institute of Folk Culture headquarters.