Top 10 Darling Harbour Restaurants in Sydney

Darling Harbour RestaurantsSpeaking of finding the best restaurant in Downtown Sydney may be a tough job as choices are vast and to the most exquisite taste. However, we did try to create our Top 10 list comprised of world-known and “high-marks” rated restaurants concentrated in or around Darling Harbour historic area. Here they are for your judgement:

The Meat And Wine Co1. The Meat & Wine Co – One of the top Darling Harbour restaurants, the Meat & Wine Co. offers their own brand of premium beef, and they specialize in steaks and Australian wines although there are many other offerings as well. The Meat & Wine Co. has recently been renovated and occupies three stories with breathtaking views. If they so choose, guests can book for their private functions or special events. There are also several menus to choose from. Among these menus you can also find vegetarian choices despite restaurant’s brand name specialty. The Meat & Wine Co. takes pride in their delicious food as well as their comfortable atmosphere and wonderful views of the harbor.

Ice Cube Seafood Grill & Bar2. Ice Cube Seafood Grill & Bar – Specializing in seafood, in both Australian and Japanese cooking styles, this is a favorite eatery for many. Visitors of the Ice Cube Seafood Grill & Bar will enjoy the large, modern and romantic atmosphere. Guests will also be enthralled with the magnificent views of the harbor, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge can be seen. The staff of the Ice Cube Seafood Grill & Bar focuses on serving only the freshest seafood with a slight Mediterranean influence. As well as booking a wedding or reception guests may also book their special events or private dining functions. With large selection of menu items including sushi and sashimi, there is something for everyone.

Bungalow 83. Bungalow 8 – Located on Kings Street, Bungalow 8 is considered one of the top Darling Harbour restaurants. With its unique architecture as well as its open and beautifully decorated dining rooms, guests will enjoy a wonderful dining experience at the Bungalow 8. Dining is offered both indoors and outside, the views are spectacular, and the food is delicious. At Bungalow 8, guests can indulge in fresh seafood such as mussels and oysters. Visitors may also book a private event or wedding reception. With restaurant’s long hours such as until three in the morning on Friday and Saturday and until one in the morning every other night, no matter what time of night or day you can dine in style.

Coast Restaurant Sydney4. Coast Restaurant – Whether you are vacationing in Sydney or you live there, you can enjoy any of the wonderful Darling Harbour restaurants. One of the best restaurants in this area is the Coast Restaurant. The Coast has beautiful views you can look out through the floor to ceiling windows. You may also choose to enjoy the rooftop bar or private dining. Guests can enjoy delicious food such as calamari, barramundi, lamb and quail. The menu at the restaurant could be best described as delicious and tasty food with Mediterranean influences in an authentic Australian setting. The menus can vary, and a new market menu allows you to choose from a changing menu offering only the freshest foods the local markets offer.

Jordon's Seafood Restaurant5. Jordon’s Seafood Restaurant – A short distance from most of the Sydney hotels, Jordon’s is a favorite for tourists and locals alike. Seafood is the specialty here, and it is offered in a number of ways. You can relax in a modern, stylish and comfortable dining room with magnificent views of the harbor. Jordon’s Seafood Restaurant has two levels as well as indoor and outdoor dining. Restaurant owners take pride in their fresh seafood and excellent customer service. Their extensive menu includes food such as snapper, salmon, soft shell crab as well as barramundi. The restaurant also offers space for private functions such as wedding’s, family reunions or business events.

Kobe Jones6. Kobe Jones Restaurant – One of the best Japanese style Darling Harbour restaurants, Kobe Jones draws in hungry visitors from all over Sydney, and the rest of the world as well. You can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and the best of waterfront dining and breathtaking views. The staff of Kobe Jones takes pride in their fresh seafood as well as their wonderful customer service. While visiting Kobe Jones Sydney guests can enjoy fresh sushi, Alaskan crab, sashimi, Tempura as well as perfectly prepared hibachi steak. If the guests choose, they may also request a chef’s table or semi-private areas for special events and functions.

Zaaffran Restaurant7. Zaaffran Restaurant – One of the top Darling Harbour restaurants is Zaffraan. This traditional Indian restaurant offers the best Indian food in the area in a beautiful Australian setting. Guests can enjoy wonderful food and breathtaking waterfront view. At the Zaaffran Restaurant guests have a choice of several menus. Guests can choose from a vegetarian and barbeque menu as well. The staff at Zaaffrann Restaurant takes pride in their fresh seafood such as snapper and prawns in addition to their traditional lamb and curry dishes. Guests may also book the Zaaffran Restaurant for their private functions such as weddings or business events.

The Malaya Restaurant8. The Malaya Restaurant – The Malaya Restaurant was founded in 1963 in Sydney. The restaurant specializes in Southeast Asian foods, and this restaurant has brought spice and great taste to the Sydney waterfront area. The Malaya is a favorite dining spot for many visitors, and the locals as well. The Malaya Restaurant staff prides themselves on their authentic and delicious menu. They also get their spices imported directly from Singapore, China in order to keep their food fresh and traditional. Guests can enjoy the wonderful modern atmosphere as well as the extensive menus. Guests can enjoy the fresh seafood such as prawns as well as beef, chicken and lamb.

Georges Restaurant Sydney9. Georges Restaurant – Close to many Sydney attractions, Georges offers a terrific menu and Mediterranean style of food and eating. The bar is best known for having an extremely large wine variety. Georges Restaurant has a wonderful extensive menu that includes calamari, octopus, barramundi as well as lamb. All meals are perfectly prepared and seasoned, delighting each guest. In addition to the wonderful and delicious menu, guests will enjoy the attentive and excellent customer service from the staff. While partaking of their delicious menu, guests can experience the breathtaking views of King Street Wharf.

Chinta Ria Temple of Love10. Chinta Ria Temple of Love – A top contender where Darling Harbour restaurants are concerned, Chinta Ria offers an excellent menu, combined with beautiful vistas and an elegant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the wonderful relaxing atmosphere on the roof terrace of the Cockle Bay Wharf. Visitors may also enjoy the live band which only adds to the enticing atmosphere. In addition to the comfortable surroundings, guests can enjoy the extensive menu at the restaurant. Customers may enjoy the tasty food such as tofu, beef, lamb, prawns and duck each seasoned and cooked perfectly. The staff at the Chinta Ria Temple of Love takes pride in their excellent customer service as well as the delicious food.