Top 10 Facts in Cologne Cathedral History

Cologne Cathedral1. Cologne Cathedral was the tallest structure in the world for a four year period, from the year 1880 until the year 1884. This distinction was earned because of the height of the spires on the cathedral.

2. Even today many people choose travel Germany related to view this structure. The cathedral still holds the honor of being the tallest building of Gothic architecture found anywhere in the entire world.

3. One of the most interesting historical facts about the Cologne Cathedral is that it took more than six centuries for the structure to be completed. Construction was started during the thirteenth century, and it was six hundred and thirty two years until the structure was finished.

4. This structure ranks as the number one out of all the things to do in Cologne, and this has been true for centuries. Visitors from all over the world visit the city just to see this attraction.

5. The present cathedral structure is the third structure built on this location. During the fourth century a Roman temple was erected, and in the year 818 a second religious structure was placed here. When this church burned down in 1248, the present cathedral structure was started on the same spot.

6. Many tourists choose a Cologne accommodation that is conveniently located near the cathedral, which holds the Sarchphagus of the Magi. This sarcophagus is believed to hold the remains of the Three Wise Men, and is the biggest reliquary anywhere in western civilization.

7. The current Cologne Cathedral was originally intended as a place for the relics of the Magi. These relics were presented to Rainald von Dassel, who was the Archbishop of Cologne, by the Roman Emperor Fredrick Barbarossa in the year 1164.

8. Rhine River cruises offer an excellent way to view the cathedral, which was reconstructed after being hit 14 times during World War II by bombs. None of these hits caused any serious damage though, and the reconstruction was finished in the year 1956.

9. The Cologne Cathedral includes the Gero Cross, which dates back to the year 970 and is the oldest crucifix of this size anywhere north of the Alps region.

10. There are a number of cheap hotels in Cologne that make a vacation here possible even on a small budget. The cathedral is a must see while here, and the choir of this structure was consecrated in the year 1322. The history and artwork in the cathedral is amazing.