Top 10 Free London Attractions List

Free London AttractionsWhen you visit a city on vacation, it’s always nice to have a plan of attack to ensure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck while seeing everything on your list. Well we have the plan and as for your buck, keep it in your pocket because these are the top 10 free London attractions to visit.

  1. Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guards ceremony has to be the number one tourist attraction in the city of London. Basically it’s one regiment going off duty, while a new set of guards changes place with them to protect the palace and royal family. A very formal ceremony of tradition.
  2. Westminster Abbey – This church has been made famous by royal coronations and weddings in its past. It is also the burial place of many kings and queens of London. It is known as an architectural masterpiece and among other free London attractions that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.
  3. Ceremony of the Keys – If you’re looking for free things to do in London, try getting tickets for this ceremony. It is a nightly occurrence and has been for the last 700 years. Basically, the Tower of London (where the Crown Jewels are housed) is secured for the night and a guard is in charge of locking the keys in a safe place until morning.
  4. Trafalgar Square – A great meeting place because of the fountains, statues and open space. Most often a location of demonstrations, celebrations, and sport events and it opens up into other free London attractions such as the National Gallery located on the north side of the Square.
  5. Big Ben – A must see when it comes to things to do in London. No trip is complete without seeing the world famous clock tower which was built in 1858 and is an iconic symbol of London.
  6. Abbey Road – Get your camera ready, now go…quickly to get the perfect shot that emulates the album cover for the Beetles.
  7. 10 Downing Street – The official residence of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. If you wait around long enough you may even get a glimpse of him coming or going.
  8. Red Phone Booth — Another one of the iconic free London attractions and a great photo opportunity.
  9. National Gallery – On the north end of Trafalgar Square you’ll find the Gallery that houses a great collection of art and paintings from painters like van Gogh. Worth spending an entire day at if you are looking for interesting things to do in London.
  10. Hyde Park – This park is a wonderful place if you need things to do in London with kids. It is one of the largest parks in the city and perfect for riding bikes, having a picnic or playing games with your children.

There you have it, an entire list of free London attractions and you won’t have to spend a dime on any of them.