Top 10 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

Free Things To Do in Las VegasAs we all know some of the greatest things in life are absolutely free, so why should you pay in Las Vegas? Read below to find out which free things to do in Las Vegas are worth considering even if you are a penny pincher.

1. Bellagio Fountains are one of the greatest attractions in Vegas City and it’s absolutely free. Come by to the Bellagio Hotel and marvel at the beauty of water and light show perfectly choreographed with classical and modern tunes ranging from Pavarotti, Sinatra, Celine Dion and Faith Hill at the majestic lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. The emotional and visual impact of the fountains creates unforgettable memories for the whole family.

2. Fremont Street Experience has topped just about any top list for Las Vegas must see attractions over the years. Come and enjoy old time Las Vegas atmosphere in the historical downtown district that spans over several blocks. Fremont street is not only a place where you can sample unusually delicious fare foods ranging from fried Twinkies, chocolate dipped hot dogs and a whole a lot more, it’s also a place where thousands of tourists come to see multiple LED light shows projected on a huge overhead screen.

3. Treasure Island Pirate Show ”The Sirens of TI” is what guests are raving about and is the best among Las Vegas free shows. No matter if you are 5 or 95 you will enjoy this swashbuckling show of grand proportions completed with lights, fireworks, singing, dancing and even aerial stunts. It’s hard to believe that the show is among free things to do in Las Vegas and it draws crowds accordingly, so come early to grab the best viewing spot.

4. MGM Grand Lion Habitat is a unique experience tucked away in the heart of Las Vegas. Come to the MGM Grand and see the grandeur of the biggest wild cats. Guests can watch lions play, feed and interact as they would in their natural habitat. MGM Grand Lion Habitat is among the best and most family-friendly free things to do in Las Vegas.

5. Conservatory at Bellagio is a must visit attraction for visitors due to its unmatched quality and appeal. Rated as one of the greatest horticultural exhibits in the world, Conservatory at Bellagio features seasonal displays of artfully created flower arrangements to say the least. The flower arrangements are never the same and are shaped as animals, birds and other whimsical imaginable and unimaginable creatures.

6. M&M’s World is one of the biggest candy stores in the world and is rated among the best family things to do in Las Vegas that everybody will enjoy. It’s the place where guests can buy any imaginable souvenirs, gifts or items featuring the logo of the most recognized candies in the world. Personalize M&M’s candy messages and take home unforgettable memories.

7. Volcano at the Mirage having been created by the same design team as majestic Bellagio Fountains boasts free admission so all guest can catch a glimpse of the perfectly orchestrated mastery of volcano fire and lights that move dramatically to the beats of music.

8. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo is included in many lists for the best free things to do in Las Vegas for all sorts of travelers. It’s nice to take a break from the busy Sin City activities and ease into the atmosphere of relaxation and experience the best of what nature offers. Flamingos, ducks, pheasants, rare fish and swans are just a short list of fauna inhabitants you can see at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

9. Show in the Sky at the Rio Hotel Casino is a sexy and edgy performance that features 3 productions including popular pop hits, Latin-inspired and burlesque style shows. Guests have a chance to experience how music videos are created for free and for a small fee of $12.95 they can even become a part of this incredible happening.

10. Neon Museum is among free attractions in Las Vegas that is sure to get you interested due to its historical significance. The unusual museum in the open air features various obsolete neon display signs from saloons, restaurants, casinos and all sorts of entertainment joints that have long been left in the past of Las Vegas history.