Top 10 Free Things To Do In New York City

Free Things To Do In New York City1. Times Square events top our list of free things to do in New York City. Check out the official site for events that are not going to cost you a penny ranging from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New Years ball drop and a variety of specialty events held annually.

2. Central Park is the ultimate free playground spanning across 843 acres of land in the midst of bustling Manhattan and offering lots of plush green lawns that are perfects for picnics, playgrounds for kids to burn off some energy and lots more set against a perfect nature’s backdrop.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a fantastic place to enjoy a variety of free things to do in New York City. Many New Yorkers and guests come here to see the spectacular New York’s skyline, get close to the waterfront and simply soak in relaxing atmosphere so hard to find in the busy NYC.

4. 30 Rockefeller Plaza holds plenty of free things to do in New York City for your enjoyment. Explore the Councourse, visit the Channel Gardens and attend a free Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony you will not forget.

5. Greenwich Village being one of the upper middle class residential areas on the Manhattan Island offers plenty of free things to do in New York City especially in the Washington Square Park. Variety of walking paths, plenty of flowers and trees create a very inviting family environment to play, explore and watch cultural events at.

6. Metropolitan Museum of Art is a another great place to get a free admission only if you know how to get it. Become a member and enjoy free admission on any day of the year or visit the museum for next to nothing with a small donation. Surprisingly, all posted admission amounts are recommended, not obligatory.

7. Rubin Museum of Art is a fine selection of Himalayan art pieces that could be enjoyed free of charge every Friday from 6 to 10pm.

8. Brooklyn Brewery Tours could be attended for no charge unless you would like to try some of the local beer that is served for a modest price of $4 per drink. Learn the history of the famous brewery and see how NY beer is prepared.

9. American Folk Art Museum could be enjoyed free of charge on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1pm. Here you can see stunning folk art pieces from textiles to pottery and even toys.

10. Immanuel Lutheran Church Concerts are one of the greatest free things to do in New York City if you enjoy classical music. Arrive every Wednesday at 1:15pm to listen to an almost hour long concert of classical music.