Top 10 Fun Things To Do in Atlanta With Kids

Fun Things to Do in Atlanta With KidsAtlanta is a vast city, full of sights and sounds that are sure to stimulate the senses. If you happen to be taking the entire family, it will be good to know that there are many fun things to do in Atlanta with kids. Regardless of your little ones’ ages, Atlanta offers plenty to keep them entertained. Here is a list of top 10 fun things to do in Atlanta with kids:

1. Giorgia Aquarium – Take in a dolphin show, watch a 4D movie, and learn all about ocean life at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. One of the largest aquariums of the world boasts a plethora of interactive programs and behind the scenes shows to introduce children to some of the most amazing creatures of the rivers, seas and oceans.

2. Childeren’s Museum in Atlanta – There are many Atlanta attractions for kids that are not only fun and interactive, but informative as well. Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is a must see attraction for children elevating learning to a new level through unbelievable exhibits, shows and experiences.

3. Fernbank Museum of Natural History – It is among the top fun things to do in Atlanta with kids and is an educational treat for adults and children alike. Have your little ones learn about dinosaurs through amazing exhibits and displays, walk through the history of the world and Giorgia, learn about different cultures inhabiting the world and watch one of the best IMAX features about wildlife.

4. Six Flags Over Giorgia, Atlanta – Of all the fun things to do in Atlanta, Six flags Amusement Park probably takes the cake. Featuring over thirty rollecoasters and thrill rides of various intensity levels from pulse pounding giant Goliath steel ride to mild toddler geared Riverview Carousel. Bring a swimsuit and visit the water park while you’re there.

5. Centennial Park – More than just a park, the Centennial offers food, walking tours, live music, and an ice skating rink for winter visitors. Among the free things to do in Atlanta located at the park, kids would love playing around the musical fountain “Fountain of the Rings” built as a remembrance of Atlanta hosting Summer Olympic Games in 1996.

6. River National Recreation Area – Spend a day walking nature trails, rafting, and picnicking at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

7. Stone Mountain Park – Featuring many fun things to do in Atlanta with kids in one location, Stone Mountain Park is so packed with family-friendly activities that you might want to book one of its on-site hotel rooms for a couple of days. Get on a park’s top attraction, Sky Ride taking you on a high speed aerial ride to see stone carvings on the mountains. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Atlanta and surroundings. Another fun way of exploring the natural beauties of the park is taking Stone Mountain Railroad introducing you to a five mile adventure around the park.

8. Center for Puppetry Arts – The children will love seeing Jim Henson characters come alive at the Center for Puppetry Arts, as well as have the opportunity to see marionette shows and attend a build-your-own puppet workshop.

9. CNN Studios – Take your kids on a tour of CNN studios and introduce them to the world of what goes on behind the camera. Kids would love going behind the scenes and experience how newscasts are produced, edited and featured live.

10. World of Coca Cola – For all the Coca Cola lovers out there and their children it’s hard to imagine more fun things to do in Atlanta with kids than exploring the history of world’s most popular beverage through the years. See various logos, souvenirs, equipment and memorabilia that helped shaped the beverage we adore today.

As you can see, the options for fun things to do in Atlanta with kids are numerous and quite varietal. Using this list as a guide, you will surely be able to pack your family vacation full of fun and good memories.