Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Rome

Fun Things To Do In RomeSpending time in Rome means fun and excitement. Depending on your mood, there are a number of fun things to do in Rome that will leave you breathless.

The top 10 fun things to do in Rome are listed below:

  1. Spanish Steps Pub Crawl – One of the best ways to meet new and exciting people. This tour is casual and provides free drinks for the first hour. You also receive plenty of souvenirs, admission to all of the dances, drinking games and contests.
  2. Trevi Fountain Rome – First, spend time at the fountain tossing coins and making wishes. Then head over to the food courts where you can taste samples of the local specialties, including lots of wine.
  3. Climb St. Peter’s Dome – The St. Peter’s Dome is one of the top Rome Italy attractions and once you travel there, you will understand why. The views of the city are spectacular.
  4. Stroll along the Tiber River – Some things to do in Rome surround taking in the architectural designs of the buildings and landscape. A trip to the Castel Sant’Angelo is one such adventure.
  5. Admire the beauty of the Pantheon – Another wonderful design, the temple still stands as a monument to the Roman Gods.
  6. Visit Palatine Hill – This is one of the fun things to do in Rome because it is said to be the place of all creation; the birthplace of Rome.
  7. Travel to the Terrace of Pincio – From here, you can admire the beauty of Rome and partake in some local wine and food.
  8. Stroll to the Villa Borghese – Take the hand of your loved one and during your walk, locate the Casina del Lago where you can experience a wonderful boat ride.
  9. Listen to opera during a trip to the Le Terme di Caracalla – World-famous opera singers flock to this area all year long to perform concerts.
  10. Visit the local flea market – Porta Portese is available for tourists to seek and find all types of unique crafts, clothing and more.

The top 10 fun things to do in Rome all vary depending upon your individual tastes, but as you can see, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The next article will provide you with even more interesting facts about Rome, so please continue reading along.