Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Sydney

When your next vacation leads you to Australia, you will want a list of fun things to do in Sydney. The country is filled with excitement so you should plan before you leave to make sure you can fit in as much as you can.

Listed below are the top fun things to do in Sydney:

  1. Taronga Zoo – Top on this list of fun things to do in Sydney due to the vast amount of natural wildlife, like ring-tailed lemurs and elephants.
  2. Sydney Aquarium – This aquarium is so magical because you can see virtually every type of ocean creature that calls Australia home. You will also see views of the Great Barrier Reef.
  3. Sydney Opera House – This is another great place to visit, because the Sydney Opera House events are so diverse. Your kids can go on a discovery tour, while you enjoy a tasting plate tour.
  4. Sydney Harbour – Spending time here, you can participate in the Sydney Harbour bridge climb. This guided tour takes you all the way to the top of the bridge, along catwalks to the summit.
  5. Luna Park – Your entire family will enjoy Luna Park Sydney, one of world’s most exciting amusement parks. There’s something for everyone, regardless of age.
  6. Sydney Monorail – Spending time on the monorail is one of the best things to do with kids in Sydney because you can travel and see the sights of this great city in a relaxing atmosphere.
  7. The Rocks – One of the most interesting and oldest sites where you can explore this historic area and even stop into one of the many pubs for that famous Australian beer.
  8. Kings Cross – This is a perfect late-night hot spot for adults. After you put the kids to bed, you can dine and dance in the nightclubs located within this main thoroughfare.
  9. Bondi Beach – The most famous beach in Australia has exquisite golden-colored sand and perfect, turquoise water. Great for families who want to enjoy the day in the warm sunshine.
  10. Featherdale Wildlife Park – Australia is famous for koala bears and kangaroos. Here, you can hand-feed both. You can also spend time with the penguins in their natural habitat.

So now that you have a good idea of all of the fun things to do in Sydney, all you need to do is pick the perfect time and get moving. You and your family are sure to have the trip of a lifetime.

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