Top 10 Fun Things To Do in Toronto Canada

Fun Things To Do in TorontoFinding fun things to do in Toronto isn’t very difficult. This is a town where excitement lurks around every corner. If you are traveling with your family, you can try a load of outdoor activities suitable for just about every age. If you are a couple and enjoy the party scene, there’s something there for you too.

The top 10 fun things to do in Toronto are listed below for you to choose:

1. CN Tower – No trip to Toronto would be complete without spending a couple of hours marveling at this man-made masterpiece. It is a long way to the top, by way of ascending elevator that takes almost one full minute. You can also stop halfway to the top and walk along the glass bottom floor and give your tummy a flip or two as you gaze at the world below.

2. The Edgewalk – This hands-free adventure is one of the top things to do in Toronto because of the adrenalin rush. It is not recommended for young children, but adults will love scaling the CN Tower from the outside and tempting fate.

3. Toronto Zoo – With more than 5,000 different animals, this is a spectacle for everyone to experience. They have an African Savanna with more than 30 acres of wild animals in their natural habitat, including gorillas. They also have an arctic exhibit with polar bears and wolves.

4. Centerville Amusement Park – Looking for things to do in Toronto with kids? Well, look no further. Between the carrousel, antique cars, fire engines and Rockin’ Ferry Ride, they will never want to leave.

5. St. Lawrence Market Complex – Another one of the fun things to do in Toronto is to take in the local culture and history. More than 40% of all Canadians emigrated from another country, this means they are rich in diversity and celebrate other cultures. There are food vendors, farmers markets, and even fresh cheese producers.

6. Royal Ontario Museum – The largest and most exciting of all Toronto tourist attractions as far as museums go. There are quite a few in this city, however, only ROM has special exhibits including ancient Egypt and permanent galleries featuring dinosaurs.

7. Canada’s Wonderland – If your kids aren’t finished with amusement parks, this is combo amusement/water park will surely wear them out. It has 16 amazing roller coasters as well as 40 animatronic, life-size dinosaurs.

8. Bistro 990 – The best way to enjoy Toronto nightlife is to have a meal prepared perfectly. This is a wonderful dining experience for couples who want a taste of the good life. It’s usually easier to get into as opposed to the 360 Restaurant.

9. Hockey Hall of Fame – Hockey is a national sport of Canada and passion of almost every Canadian boy and sometimes girls, too. Your kids will appreciate a visit to this museum. There is a bunch of memorabilia items and history of the famous sport and NHL.

10. Niagara Falls Tours – This is a must and tops the list of fun things to do in Toronto and around, mostly because it’s a natural wonder. Stand along the edge of the famous Horseshoe Falls, which is just a meter from the drop where 750,000 gallons of water tumble down. If you really want excitement, put on the brightly colored yellow raincoat and decent 125 feet on the lift.