Top 10 Funny Sydney Opera House Facts

Sydney Opera House Facts1. One of the top funny Sydney Opera House events involves the netting installed above the pit of the orchestra. This net was needed because a live chicken used in an opera performance ended up on the head of an orchestra member.

2. One of the Sydney Opera House facts considered funny by many people is the fact that this attraction was funded by a State Lottery. This is funny because the opera house is considered an unnamed wonder of the world, sometimes referred to as the eight wonder.

3. The first performer at the Opera House was Paul Robeson, who sang to a group of construction workers in 1960 while they were on lunch break after he climbed the scaffolding to get to them. This is just one of the funny Sydney Opera House facts.

4. An opera was written about the Sydney Opera House. The opera is named the Eighth Wonder, and it is performed at this venue during special performances. Tourists from around the world stay at Sydney hotels to view this opera.

5. Ol Man River was the first song ever performed at the Sydney Opera House, and it was performed before the attraction was even open. This was the song performed by Paul Robeson at his impromptu lunch concert. This is just one of the many Sydney Opera House facts which are unusual.

6. The Opera House is one of the biggest Sydney attractions for tourists who are fascinated by history and architecture both. Visitors from around the world may fly into Sydney just to view a performance here, and then fly back out again.

7. Sydney Opera House tours are given almost every day, starting at nine in the morning and ending at four in the afternoon usually. During the tour some areas may be closed because of rehearsals though, so you may not get to see the same things on every tour.

8. Photographer Spencer Tunick, an American artist, arranged to photograph fifty two hundred people nude in front of the attraction. This is one of the funny Sydney Opera House facts which is not well known.

9. The Sydney Harbour Bridge can be seen from the Sydney Opera House, and the structure of the bridge resembles a coat hanger when seen from a distance.

10. Funny Sydney Opera House facts include the original plan and final cost for the attraction. The structure was first estimated to run seven million dollars, but ended up costing more than one hundred million when it was finally finished.