Top 10 Galapagos Islands Hotels

Galapagos Islands HotelsHeading to Galapagos Islands vacation? Check out our Top 10 Galapagos Islands Hotels guide to help you pick the best value for your hard earned cash. Keep in mind that Galapagos Islands hotels are much pricier compared to hotels located on the Ecuador mainland. Look for hotels that have air conditioners, Internet services and the front desk that can help you plan your Galapagos Islands trips.

Hotel Finch Bay1. Hotel Finch Bay is located in the largest tourist town of Puerto Ayora on Galapagos. This is the ultimate Galapagos Adventure Tours Hotel due to its superior beach front location and a variety of activities that could be booked right at the front desk. A/C, Internet and many modern day amenities are included. If you are looking for a beautiful hotel with gorgeous views, the Hotel Finch Bay is the place for you. There is much to do for everyone such as snorkeling, kayaking, bicycle rentals as well as hiking. There are also many activities to be found close to your hotel. You can visit the Giant Tortoise Reserves, the Lava Tunnels and you will be within walking distance to the Charles Darwin Research Station. You will never run out of things to do during your vacation.

Hotel Iguana Crossing2. Hotel Iguana Crossing is a brand new modern style hotel that will sure please many travelers coming to the Galapagos Islands. Clean minimalistic design will please your eyes and knowing that the hotel was built utilizing exclusively local sustainable materials and labor will please your heart. A full selection of top notch amenities and beach front location make this hotel stand out among other Galapagos Islands hotels. If you want an eco-friendly hotel, this is the place for you. The Hotel Iguana Crossing was built to assist in the interest of the conservation of the natural environment. The hotel was built using local labor and local supplies. You will enjoy beautiful views of either the ocean or volcanos. There is a roof deck with a Jacuzzi and much more. You will be conveniently located in order to enjoy hiking, bike riding and snorkeling. No matter what your interests are, you will find many fun things to do.

The Royal Palm Hotel Galapagos3. The Royal Palm Hotel Galapagos is an ideal destination for travelers coming to the Islands for romantic escapes or to revive their senses. This Hotel is one of the priciest on the Islands but its unique design that blends beautiful with surrounding natural beauty will make you feel at home. This beautifully crafted hotel was built in to its surroundings. The suites and villas each have their own Jacuzzis and private garden as well as wireless internet and LCD flat screen televisions. You will be awed by the luxuriousness of an otherwise almost rustic atmosphere. The villas are equipped with working fireplaces and dining and living rooms in order to make you feel completely at home. There are many activities including swimming and snorkeling and visiting the Charles Darwin Station.

Villa Laguna Hotel Galapagos4. Among other Galapagos Islands hotels Villa Laguna Hotel Galapagos holds all the amenities travelers are seeking including central air, Internet service, pool and nice facilities. El Manglar Restaurant serves authentic local dishes. No matter which room you have, you will have a breathtaking view of the ocean or the forest. Most of the rooms are equipped with a balcony for you to enjoy the magnificent view. The rooms are furnished in a minimalistic style in order to promote relaxation and some much needed “head clearing”.

Sol Y Mar Hotel Galapagos5. While searching for the perfect Galapagos Islands lodging, you may want to consider visiting the Sol Y Mar Hotel Galapagos. Situated in a rich travel town of Puerto Ayora, Sol Y Mar Hotel is a 4-star resort that is conveniently located in a walking distance to many sightseeing activities. While staying in this hotel you can enjoy one of the seventeen beautifully decorated ocean front rooms. Each room has a balcony where you can enjoy the magnificent view whenever the mood strikes you. You can enjoy lounging at the pool with the sea lions. There are many activities that you may want to partake of. Among these are snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming and hiking. The staff at the Sol y Mar Hotel will truly make your stay memorable.

Red Mangrove Adventure Lodge6. Red Mangrove Adventure Lodge is tucked away in the midst of red mangrove forest allowing its visitors to get lost among the serenity and beauty of the Galapagos Islands. The lodge is located on magnificent Santa Grove Islands and blends into the Mangrove Forest and seafront. Its wooden waterfront terrace is ideal for early morning or late nice relaxation and admiring marine iguanas that frequent this hotel’s waterfront. There are fourteen beautifully appointed rooms divided into two different categories. Half are on the seaside while the other half are inside the mangrove. Many suites have private balconies. Among the many activities available, are snorkeling, diving and hiking. You may also want to visit the Red Mangrove Galapagos Dive Center. There are plenty of activities to make your Galapagos vacation memorable. An ideal destination for travelers seeking to connect with nature.

La Casa De Marita7. La Casa De Marita is literally the only Hotel in the Galapagos Islands surrounded by the National Park. This is a boutique Hotel offering its visitors a full range or services, amenities and an incredible selection of activities. Each of its 16 rooms is uniquely decorated providing an interesting art experience for its guests. This hotel is located on the pristine white sands of Puerto Villami. While relaxing in any of the beautifully decorated rooms and suites, you can enjoy majestic views. There are many activities that you can do while enjoying your vacation on The Galapagos Islands. Among the many activities you can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking and bike riding. If you prefer you can even enjoy a swim or just lounge on the beach and soak up some sun. Whatever you do, La Casa de Marita will make your stay memorable.

Galextur Hotel Silberstein8. Galextur Hotel Silberstein is organized with typical German precision and attention to details. Run by generations of German families this is not only one of the leading 3-star hotels on the Islands but an Information Center for many visitors. Immaculately maintained room, excellent cuisine, gardens and a pool all add up to your perfect Ecuadorian stay equation. This hotel is located in Puerto Ayora on beautiful Santa Cruz Island. While staying at the Galextur Hotel Silberstein, you will enjoy beautiful rooms as well as a comfortable elegant restaurant. While enjoying your Galapagos vacation you can choose many activities to make your stay memorable. You can book tour packages that include island hopping. Your hotel is also located very close to the sea and within a five minute walk to the Charles Darwin Scientific Station. You can also enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving and bicycle rides.

Albemarle Hotel Galapagos9. Located on a pristine white sand beach of Isabella Island in the small fishing village of Puerto Villamil, Albermarle Hotel Galapagos boasts a full selection of modern day amenities for a modest price. This place is definitely for travelers who prefer to stay away from busy touristy places and simply would like to relax amidst the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands. You will enjoy the hotels comfortably appointed rooms and friendly atmosphere as well as a wonderful dining experience. There are many activities you can enjoy while on your Galapagos Islands vacation. You can participate in tours of the lava tunnels, the concha de Perla as well as the Tortoise Center. You may also enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving as well as bicycle riding.

Casa Natura Galapagos10. Casa Natura Galapagos is perhaps the smallest and one of the most intimate Galapagos Islands hotels that will delight travelers looking for home comforts away from home. The Casa Natura Galapagos was just recently opened in February of 2009 and is also located in Puerto Ayora. You will enjoy one of fifteen beautifully decorated rooms offering comfort and leisure. You may also enjoy their pool bar, or breakfast area. There are also many activities you can enjoy while staying at the Casa Natura Galapagos. Among these is the short eight to ten minute walk to the Charles Darwin Scientific Station as well as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and island hopping. Visitors can walk to the main promenade in the Fisherman’s Village to boutiques, art galleries as well as many restaurants or book many interesting excursions right at the front desk.