Top 10 Germany Tourist Attractions List

Germany Tourist AttractionsGermany tourist attractions are endless; practically every town in Germany has some sort of history attached. Vacationers can find something different to do every day; regardless of the area your hotel is located in, you will find Germany is a very easy place to explore.

The top 10 Germany tourist attractions can be seen here:

1. Neuschwanstein – The Neuschwanstein Castle facts prove this exceptional design dates as far back as 1886 commissioned by the King of Bavaria. Located on rugged hills and an exquisite backdrop, many believe this castle inspired Sleeping Beauty designs at Disneyland.

2. Cologne Cathedral – This cathedral tops the list of popular German attractions because of its pure endurance. Original construction began in 1248 and did not finish until 600 years later. The dedication was based on the end result, only the Archbishop of Cologne sits here.

3. Olympic City – Everyone knows Berlin, Germany is famous for the Berlin Wall, but, there are also many other exciting things to do in Berlin. Like taking a trip to the Olympic Stadium where history was made back in 1936.

4. Holstentor – Also known as the Holsten Gate was built in 1464; one of Germany’s oldest standing towers. The museum has artwork dating as far back as the middle-ages.

5. Cologne – Home of the Cologne Cathedral where more famous artifacts are located than any other part of Germany. Anyone looking for a peaceful and tranquil attraction will enjoy spending time here.

6. Frauenkirche – Another of Germany’s exceptional churches was built in the 1700s. Visiting this church, filled with history will bring you back to the early days of WWII when this church collapsed due to the bombing.

7. Rugen Cliffs – A trip to these cliffs is another one of the Germany tourist attractions that appeal to the masses. Located on the white rocks of the Baltic Sea, the views are breathtaking. At the highest point, the cliffs measure over 160 meters high.

8. The Frisian Islands – This attraction features German culture at the highest level of hospitality. You can spend time trying the various teas, their signature drink on the island. Or, you can discover the churches and small fortresses that surround the small villages of this region. As for the food, fresh crab and shrimp are endless. Most use bicycles to get around.

9. Oktoberfest – Is one of the most popular things to do in Munich, if you visit at the right time that is. This festival, although held annually, only lasts between September 22 and October 7. The Oktoberfest is a festival where all types of local German beer are made available. Fellowship with the locals is highly encouraged, especially during the dances.

10. Frankfurt Zoo – Frankfurt tourist attractions tend to appeal to more fast-paced, savvy travelers who yearn for an active nightlife and an explosion of restaurants. But, the zoo appeals to just about everyone. A trip here can show you marsupials and reptiles of all species, fish and birds of all colors and a special hang-out just for kids and teens. Over 4500 animals reside here.

All Germany tourist attractions will prove to be wonderful experiences. Once you realize the contributions the German people have made in the areas of history and modern culture, you will want to explore these places on your own.

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