Top 10 Granada Attractions Locals Recommend

Granada Attractions1. Alhambra Palace – The Alhambra Palace in Granada is considered a close runner up to the new seven wonders, with Moorish designs, beautiful structures and architecture, and exquisite gardens that are amazing. The palace started as a royal residence and fortress in the middle of the fourteen hundreds. It is one of the top most visited Spain landmarks.

2. The Old Spice Market – The old spice market, also called alcaiceria, is one of the popular Granada attractions for visitors to Spain. The history and excitement of this market is intense, only the narrow streets offer tourists souvenirs now instead of raw silk.

3. Alcazar Genil – This palace was the home of the last Sultan of Spain, and it was turned over to the new King and Queen in the late fourteenth century when Catholic rule came to this country. Elaborate inscriptions and luxurious rooms can be viewed by visitors.

4. Granada Conference Center – One of the biggest Granada attractions is the Granada Conference Center. This center hosts many spectacular events through the year, and contains coffee shops, stores, and other amenities for visitors as well.

5. Historic Baths of Granada – One of the most fascinating places to visit in Granada are these baths, which are more than one thousand years old and are in great condition. It is believed these baths were originally built by the Romans.

6. El Sacromonte – This is one of the architectural and historic Granada attractions that draws crowds. This area of Granada offers many shops, older buildings, and other establishments, and allows you a view of what the area looked like in the past.

7. The Nightlife – The nightlife in Granada is famous around Europe. There are many hotels in Granada that you can stay in and enjoy the nightlife in the area, and many visitors come here for the excellent socializing opportunities.

8. La Plaza De Toros – No visit would be complete without seeing the bullfighting in Spain. The Plaza of the Bulls is where the bullring is located, and you can watch this traditional activity on numerous occasions through the year.

9. The Albaicin – The old Arabic Quarter is one of the top Granada attractions. The streets here are still cobblestone, and the views are extraordinary no matter where you are in the area. Shops, artwork, and eateries are conveniently located, and you will find terraces and lush plant life in many of the homes and businesses.

10. Sierra Nevada Mountains – One of the most impressive Granada attractions is the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. These mountains can make a fascinating place to visit and they create an impressive backdrop in Granada.