Top 10 Greece Tourist Attractions

Greece Tourist AttractionsGreece tourist attractions will be different for everyone, because tastes vary. However, the majority of people visiting this great country will often look for the more obvious attractions first.

The top 10 Greece tourist attractions are listed below:

1. Santorini – Things to do in Santorini include, visiting the active volcano site. The cliffs reach as high as 1300 feet, which makes it challenging to maneuver.

2. Parthenon, Acropolis – Makes the top 10 things to do in Athens list because of its history. The Acropolis temple also served as a fortress, mosque and church over the years and has stood since 432 B.C.

3. Mykonos – One of the best Greek islands for weddings and honeymoons; also a major stop on virtually every tour and cruise.

4. Meteora, Greece – Very similar to Mount Athos, except smaller in scale. Home to several Byzantine monasteries. The wild flowers and views are spectacular and this is why it remains on the list of things to do in Greece.

5. Delphi Theater – Originally created in 4 B.C., this was the home of Apollo. The construction purpose was for the natives of Greece to view the land and sanctuary.

6. Myrtos Beach –Greece tourist attractions like Myrtos Beach are extremely unique. The water colors turn from deep blue, to turquoise in an instant. The brilliant white beaches provide the perfect contrast while the mountains and cliffs add even more beauty.

7. Samaria Gorge – This gorge is over 10 miles long and is located in Southwest Crete. It has long been celebrated as one of the top Greece tourist attractions because of the tremendous views from the top to bottom.

8. Lindos – Located on the island of Rhodes, this medieval village is surrounded by spectacular views of the harbor and entire coastline.

9. Mystras – An integral part of Greek history, Mystras served as the countries capital for over 100 years; it is located near ancient Sparta and still has the medieval ruins.

10. Mount Athos – Both a peninsula and mountain located in Northern Greece, it is home to over 1400 monks and monasteries. Entry into the Mountain is male only; women cannot, as is the tradition of the Greek sovereignty.

So, now that you have your list of top 10 Greece tourist attractions, take the logical step. Meet with your travel agent or go online and schedule the vacation of a lifetime.

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