Top 10 Hotels in Beijing Near Forbidden City

Hotels in BeijingThe hotels in Beijing vary from quite simple and plain, but affordable to the most opulent and luxurious. Depending on your style and finances, you may be able to find at least 10 that will suit you.

However, finding hotels in Beijing near Forbidden City is another story. This is a highly traveled area in China, especially for professionals. Therefore, the hotels fill up quickly. The good news is you can, with proper planning, locate the best without spending hours on research.

To assist you, the top 10 hotels in Beijing near Forbidden City are listed directly below:

1. Grand Hyatt – One of the most luxurious hotels in Beijing and it is only about 10 minutes away from the highly acclaimed attraction and Tiananmen Square.

2. The St. Regis Beijing – Also centrally located and quite close to the Forbidden City in China. By foot, you can reach the area in about 20 minutes. The rooms are large and very modern in design and the service is exceptional.

3. Fairmont Beijing – This is a very spacious hotel and the service is personalized. So much so, that the staff accommodates their guests with special meals and provides them with an itinerary of things to do in Beijing. You can reach the Forbidden City in 5 minutes.

4. Raffles Beijing – This actually qualifies as one of the Beijing cheap hotels since the rooms are a little smaller. However, they do offer larger suites and the distance to the Forbidden City is less than 3 miles. You can walk there in 15-20 minutes.

5. Hotel Kapok – This is one of the few hotels in Beijing that you can actually see the former Imperial Palace from, depending on the level of your room and which side you choose. The rooms are of adequate size and their accommodations are quite lovely.

6. Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Beijing – Most of the Beijing tours depart from this 5-star hotel and since it is only about 1.36 km or less than one mile from the Forbidden City, it is always a great choice. The rooms are superior in size and breakfast is complementary.

7. Sunworld Hotel Beijing – This hotel is also located in close proximity to the Forbidden City, at just under one mile away. It is also close to the largest Chinese Art Gallery in Beijing.

8. Beijing HWA Hotel – Of the hotels in Beijing, this is one of the best rounded. It is 20 minutes from the Forbidden City and also has an entertainment center and shops directly on site.

9. Penta Hotel Beijing – This hotel makes the list, although it is a little further than the others. The distance is approximately 1.5 miles. However, this spectacular hotel includes concierge service, and gourmet dining.

10. The Ritz-Carlton Beijing – At 1.7 miles from the Imperial Palace, this is the hotel that has the most distance way. But, if you want luxury, this is the top choice. Also, it is in the heart of China’s entertainment, cultural and financial districts.