Top 10 Hotels in Dubrovnik – Tips For Visitors!

Hotels in DubrovnikIf you are looking for hotels in Dubrovnik that will provide you with a wonderful stay while in Croatia, you are going to want a list of the most popular and appealing. The real challenge is knowing where to stay before you arrive since there are so many.

Here is a list of the top 10 hotels in Dubrovnik, with tips for visitors:

1. Bellevue Hotel Dubrovnik – Recommended because of the luxurious and elegance it offers. The view of the sea is absolutely exquisite because it is situated 30 meters on top of Miramare Bay. A good tip is for those checking in to request a room on the top floor, which provides you with an excellent vantage point of your surroundings which is helpful when looking for things to do in Dubrovnik.

2. Rixos Dubrovnik – This is an excellent hotel that also provides wonderful views of the sea. It is located on the waterfront and designed in retro 70s décor. New comers will appreciate the subtle retro style and should request to stay on either the 13th or 14th floor.

3. Excelsior Hotel Dubrovnik – This is one of the hotels in Dubrovnik that has received raves from a number of prominent journalistic venues, like the Sunday Times. Here’s a tip, they allow pets at no extra charge.

4. Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik – This is one of the more stylish hotels in Dubrovnik and the location is perfect for anyone who is visiting for business. A good thing to note is they provide wireless Internet for up to 260 people and have 7 meeting rooms, a business center and Executive lounge.

5. More Hotel Dubrovnik – As far as great hotels in Dubrovnik are concerned, this 5-star hotel has a great location on the Bay of Lapad. A great thing to remember is this hotel has a wonderful location for watching the sun set.

6. Villa Dubrovnik – This is hotel is nestled among cypress and pine trees and has a wonderfully maintained garden area. For the best experience, ask the front desk for recommended Dubrovnik tours.

7. Dubrovnik Palace Hotel – This is actually a resort and spa so you have the best of luxury and relaxation. It’s one of the top places to visit in Croatia, simply because of the state-of-the-art services they provide. It has been called the Adriatic Jewel. It’s better to get a suite if you want the best experience.

8. Pucie Palace – The location of this hotel makes it irresistible. It is right in the main square where all of the action takes place. If you want to reach the hotel without walking, make sure to phone ahead and ask for a porter to meet you.

9. More – This is a small but stunning hotel that provides great views and access to their wellness spa so you can enjoy some pampering and relaxation. Just be sure to provide advanced notice to the check in agent that you will want the full line of services.

10. Lapad Hotel Dubrovnik – A very traditional hotel absolutely swimming in old world comforts and charm. There are actually two wings that are joined by a swimming pool and ornate garden area. The best time to enjoy outdoors is during the late evening hours.