Top 10 Hotels in Frankfurt Germany – Tips For Visitors!

Hotels in Frankfurt GermanyHotels in Frankfurt Germany require very little research. This is a wonderfully accommodating town where visitors will receive a warm, family-style welcome regardless of where they choose to stay.

However, if you want to find hotels in Frankfurt Germany that offer an extra special sense of hospitality, with exceptional service and superb amenities, you might need to get some advice first.

Here are the top 10 hotels in Frankfurt Germany, along with a few tips for visitors:

1. Frankfurt Hotel – Named after the city, this makes the top of the list of the best hotels in Frankfurt because it is rated with 5 stars for atmosphere, ambiance, luxury, hospitality and tradition. Every room has precious antiques and all guests receive anything they request.

2. Villa Kennedy – This is one of the larger hotels in Frankfurt Germany, with 163 rooms. It is also one of the newest, opening in 2006. It is a classic, luxury hotel with spas, a swimming pool and a restaurant on the premises. Most are familiar with the famous JFK Bar and Lounge.

3. Falkenstein Grand Kempinski – This is probably the best of the hotels in Frankfurt Germany for those looking for a private getaway. The staff provides a level of luxury and peacefulness that no other hotel can match. They have a wellness area, whirlpool, heated pool outdoors and sauna.

4. Europaeischer Hof Hotel Europa – This 3 generation run hotel has been in business for 138 and knows how to treat their guests. Their standards are impeccable and they offer a sense of tradition and charm to their customers in how they service them and the atmosphere they maintain.

5. Schlosshotel Kronberg – Many day trips from Frankfurt originate from this hotel, so their guests do not have the inconvenience of having to leave their comfortable surroundings. As an added bonus, they provide 18 holes of golf for the avid player. Their restaurant is headed by a 5-star chef who prepares only the top gourmet dishes.

6. Schloss Reinhartshausen – This is the closest to Frankfurt airport hotels to make the list, it is approximately 9 miles away. In addition to convenience, you will find yourself being whisked away by all of the luxuries of this hotel, beginning with the scenery and stunning landscape. With the Middle Rhine just a few feet away, you will feel spoiled beyond belief.

7. Villa Rothschild Kempinski – Discover a new experience when you check into this luxurious hotel. The unbelievably modern amenities include a skyline view, health and beauty facilities, Bio saunas and more. There are many things to do in Frankfurt that will take you outdoors, or you can simply stay here and be pampered.

8. Kempenski Hotel Gravenbruch – They focus on supplying their guests with their every wish, including their choice of bedroom styles, views, and cuisine. They offer 3 different restaurants and candle light dinners with accompanying piano ensembles.

9. La Meridien Parkhotel – The ultra modern comforts of this hotel mix wonderfully with the historic surroundings. In addition, it is just minutes from the train station, making it perfect for sightseeing or visiting business people.

10. Jumeirah Frankfurt – This is a wonderful luxury hotel and with 218 rooms, the largest too. Incredibly, the staff is able to provide individual attention to every guest that would rival the smaller hotels. Every major attraction can be reached by foot from here.