Top 10 Iceland Hot Springs To Visit

Iceland Hot SpringsIceland has many attractions of natural beauty and among them famous Iceland hot springs, that range from world famous boiling geysers spouting hundreds of feet up the air to hot mineral springs containing immense healing powers for many maladies. We have compiled a list of top 10 hot springs that you may visit during your Iceland vacation:

Blue Lagoon1. Blue Lagoon – The Blue Lagoon is the hot springs with the highest flow rate, with millions of gallons of water and numerous beneficial minerals which are soothing and therapeutic. This hot springs is a common reason for travel to Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful geothermal spa dedicated to each guest and their relaxation and therapy. While staying at one of the Blue Lagoon therapeutic resorts guests can visit the skin care shop as well as the clinic. While at the clinic, visitors can get treatment for the psoriasis. The clinic has been authorized by the Icelandic Health Authorities for the treatment of patients with psoriasis. In addition to these treatments, guests can enjoy massages while enjoying the mineral-rich waters of the hot springs.

Geysir Hot Spring2. Geysir – The Geysir is one of the most famous and well known Iceland hot springs areas located in Haukadalur, Southern Iceland with a long history and much to attract visitors. The most famous Iceland geyser Strokkur is located here as well as many other hot springs. Despite what most people believe Iceland is one of the hottest places on the planet and is rich in hot springs. The Geysir hot spring ejects a water column about one hundred and eighty feet into the air. The Geysir has been mostly dormant until around the year 2000 when a series of earthquakes caused it to start erupting again. While touring Iceland, visitors do not want to miss visiting the Geysir hot spring area.

Lake Kleifarvatn3. Lake Kleifarvatn – There are many Iceland hot springs to visit during an Icelandic vacation. One of the newest hot springs that have been discovered are the Lake Kleifarvatn hot springs. The hot springs of Lake Kleifarvatn is a geothermal underwater hot springs which have just been discovered in recent years. Lake Kleifarvatn is the largest lake of the Reykjanes Peninsula and the third largest lake in Iceland. If visitors to Iceland want to fish, there are some pretty good fishing spots near where the underwater springs are located and the water is warm. Lake Kleifarvatn Hot Springs is included in some Iceland vacation packages, because of the underground caves and geothermal pools in the area.

Snorralaug Hot Spring4. Snorralaug Hot Spring – Located in Reykholt, Snorralaug is one of the oldest of the Iceland hot springs. The history of Snorralaug dates back to the twelfth century. The Snorralaug Hot Spring is in a serene a beautifully scenic area of Reykholt, Iceland. The circular spring is encased in a basin of hewn stone. Many people through history have used hot springs to cure ailments. The Snorralaug Hot Springs is still in use and enjoyed by several thousand visitors of Iceland each year.

Hveravellir5. Hveravellir – Hveravellir is one of the warmest of the Iceland hot springs areas, and the pools are steamy as well as warm. The entire area may be warm at times, not just the pools. This is one of the most well known hot springs in Iceland located in the nature reserve on the Kjolur route in the middle of the west highlands sitting between the two glaciers, Langjokull and Hofsjokull. While visiting Hveravellir, guests can stay at one of the two houses nearby. The houses are situated so that there are a couple rooms where visitors can curl up in a sleeping back and rest while visiting Hveravellir. In addition to the hot springs here, guests may also visit Kjalhrawn which is a nearby lava field.

Hveragerdi6. Hveragerdi – Although not as well known as the Blue Lagoon, Geysir or some other hot springs, Hveragerdi is very popular with both the locals and the tourists who visit the area. The natural beauty and serenity make this area a paradise. There are two of these springs just outside Hveragerdi, the Blue Hot Springs as well as the Riverside Hot Springs. The Blue Hot Springs gets its name from the blue color that is caused by some minerals that are in the water. Guests should also visit the Riverside Hot Springs with its pyramid shape, it’s very unusual. These springs are popular because of their huge availability of natural energy caused by geothermal warmth. Because of this energy, visitors will notice several greenhouses around the town that use geothermal power. For this reason, this area is also called, “Blossoming Town”.

Laugafell7. Laugafell – While on vacation in Iceland, visitors don’t want to miss out on visiting the Iceland hot springs located in Laugafell. Laugafell hot spring is located in the Highlands of Norteast Hofsjokul which happens to be the third largest glacier in Iceland. Here you can find numerous pools to choose from, and even the river contains warm water. While in Laugafell, visitors can stay in one of the many interconnected huts that are used for sleeping. Most of these huts are heated by the geothermal energy coming up through the ground. Many of these huts even have their own hot springs nearby for guests to enjoy. Many guests like to hike from Laugafell to another town, stopping at the hot springs along the way.

Landmannalaugar8. Landmannalaugar – Because of all the Iceland volcanic activity, Landmannalaugar is a green oasis in the surroundings. Landmannalaugar is situated in the valley between the beautiful colorful mountains and a lava field. Landmannalaugar is home to many hot and cold springs which create a warm bathing brook. While staying In Landmannalauga, visitors will have the option to either camp in a designated area or to stay in one of the many tourists huts available. Oftentimes, Landmannalaugar is also a starting point for those that wish to hike to the nearby towns to visit more of the famous hot springs or lava fields. Exquisite scenery combines with the hot springs for a relaxing vacation spot that is spectacular.

Deildartunguhver9. Deildartunguhver – This is the largest of the Iceland hot springs, and is also the biggest in Europe as well, located near Reykholt. The size and flow rate make this hot springs one you should not miss. Visitors to this area will be able to see the steam from miles away as it blows steam up from the constant bubbling of the hot water rising to the surface. When looking for the best hot springs to visit in Iceland, this is the place to go. Residents receive their hot water from the Deildartunguhver. Pedestrian walkways have also been installed at the springs so that visitors may get closer to this geothermal wonder.

Hverir10. Hverir – Whether you stay in one of the Reykjavik hotels or someplace else, one of the top hot springs to visit in Iceland is Hverir. Hverir is located near Krafla and is very busy as it is a popular tourist spot. Hot water and steam issuing from the crack in the earth, and a natural setting make this area a tip hot springs destination. In addition to the different hot springs in this area, there are many other things that visitors may want to check out and explore while in Hverir. Some of these things to see are the lava domes, mud pool, boiling mud as well as the sulfurous puddles that are boiling. While visiting these areas of Hverir, guests can walk through the roped off pathways. These pathways are meant to keep guests and visitors safe.

We hope you enjoyed our list of best hot springs in Iceland and we wish you a safe journey to that beautiful place of fire and ice!