Top 10 Iconic Toronto Landmarks

Toronto LandmarksThe number of Toronto Landmarks that you can experience in just a day is mind-blowing. This is a city that is known for great food, wonderful attractions and very welcoming people.

However, when speaking of the more iconic Toronto landmarks, a select number come to mind. These are extra-special and really signify what this town is all about.

The next time you are in Canada and find yourself visiting its largest city, see if you can spot a few of the very best Toronto landmarks in the area. After locating a few, you might even want to consider extending your stay.

Here are the top 10 most iconic Toronto landmarks:

  1. CN Tower Toronto – This tower is the most visited, simply because it a marvel to the eyes and it’s extra exciting as an attraction too. Reaching 1815 feet into the air, you can enjoy the glass floor, three restaurants and even experience the Edge Walk.
  2. The Toronto Zoo – Because this zoo houses more than 5,000 animals and receives more than 2 million visitors each year, this is a must see on anyone’s list who visits Toronto. Their major animal attractions are the polar bears and the gorillas.
  3. Royal Ontario Museum – The largest and most impressive museum in Canada. In addition, the exhibits are astounding. They have dinosaurs of course, but also exhibits of the indigenous people of Canada and ancient Egypt.
  4. Queen Street – This is one of the areas in Toronto that everyone raves about because there are a number of interesting areas to explore. It is very well known for the Toronto nightlife scene, but even more than that, there are wonderful shops, restaurants and historical sections too.
  5. The Air Canada Center – One of the major Toronto landmarks because it is home of the Maple Leafs and the Raptors. It is a massive 18500 seat professional sports facility that also hosts concerts.
  6. St. Lawrence Market – Has always been one of the major Toronto tourist attractions because of the sheer size. It has been named the largest food market in the world and Carousel Bakery is famous for its peameal bacon sandwich.
  7. Eaton Center – With so many things to do in Toronto, a stop at Eaton Center is definitely required. There you can browse over 200 shops and retailers who feature fashion, electronics and furniture specialty items.
  8. Yonge-Dundas Square – Perhaps the most crowded and busiest intersection in Toronto. This is similar to Times Square in New York City. They have the theater district her as well as other interesting sections that offer great food, excellent shopping and a very safe experience. The atmosphere is very upbeat.
  9. Chinatown – Many people may not even realize this, but Toronto has their very own Chinatown that is just as impressive as those in New York City and San Francisco, though San Francisco’s is the oldest. There are actually three in Toronto and have a plethora of funky cafes and shops filled with authentic cuisine.
  10. The Distillery District – The perfect place to honor the original distillery in Toronto. This area is laced with art galleries, boutiques and plenty of restaurants. They often film television shows here as well.