Top 10 Interesting Burj Khalifa Facts

Burj Khalifa FactsWhen visiting Dubai, you will not be able to help but spot the Burj Khalifa. This magnificent building is currently the world’s tallest since its completion in 2010. There are many, many interesting Burj Khalifa facts. Here we have a list of the top ten most interesting Burj Khalifa facts.

1. Standing an impressive 828 meters tall and consisting of 164 floors, this building is an impressive sight.

2. This beautiful building cost a total of 1.5 billion dollars at its completion and was part of a 20 billion dollar reconstruction project for Dubai.

3. The name was changed from Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa to honor Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in recognition of his contribution of 10 billion dollars to Dubai.

4. The first ever Armani hotel occupies 160 rooms and 144 private residences for sale. Many times this luxury hotel may be compared with the sumptuous Burj Al Arab hotel.

5. The building was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill of Chicago, IL.

6. There were 12,000 workers employed during construction and three died while working on the structure.

7. One of the little-known interesting Burj Khalifa facts is that the condensation from the AC Unit for one year is enough to fill twenty Olympic size swimming pools which is recycled and used to irrigate the landscaping.

8. The tower sits on a man-made lake which wraps around the building and offers dramatic and breathtaking views of the building.

9. For the 1st time since prehistoric times the “world’s tallest building” includes residential space.

10. One of the most interesting Burj Khalifa facts is that the triple lobed footprint of the building is based on a desert flower from the region, called the Hymenocallis.

While looking for things to do in Dubai, a visit to this amazing landmark is definitely one of the places that must be visited. There are many interesting and fun things to do in Dubai in addition to visiting this amazing building, such as the Wild Wadi Waterpark, which is a great place for kids.