Top 10 Interesting Charleston SC Facts

Charleston SC FactsIncluded in the Charleston SC facts are many wonderful and historical views that date back to the founding of this city in 1670. Not only is this a town filled with charm, elegance and pure southern hospitality, but it also has persevered over the years amidst turmoil and change.

Here, you will find the top 10 interesting Charleston SC facts:

1. The Charleston SC beaches make up approximately 90 miles of the entire Atlantic coast, which is why they are sought after by visiting tourists. More than 230 of warm sunshine-filled days add to the appeal, as does the 65 degree average temperature.

2. In addition to tourism, Charleston SC history includes the infamous cargo port where over 8 million metric tons of all kinds of cargo pass into the area annually. Charleston is the Southeast Atlantic’s largest port.

3. Since the first museum in the United States was founded in this city, the Charleston SC facts must include the importance of recognizing the Charleston Museum, which dates back to 1773.

4. Another historical point would be the settlement period versus the date Charleston actually considered itself to be a city. The Charleston SC facts point out that in 1670 the town was settled, but not until 1783 was it official.

5. One of the things to do in Charleston SC has always been seeking entertainment at the theater. In fact, the world-famous composer, George Gershwin lived here when he created Porgy and Bess. To this day, they remain buried at the same church.

6. The Battery is one of Charleston SC attractions that bring thousands weekly and is still visited more than any other part of the area on a continual basis. People spend time walking, jogging and sailing along the river. They still have carriages drawn by horses riding alongside modern tour buses, which add to the southern charm of this city.

7. One of the lesser known Charleston SC facts is the production of peaches. Most people naturally assume that Georgia, known as ‘The Peach State’, has the largest number of peaches in production. However, this is not true. Charleston actually produces and ships more than 15% more across the country.

8. One of the oldest Charleston SC hotels, the Lodge Alley Inn is still open for business today. It was originally opened during the 1700s, just a few years after the settlement date. Today, it still has a rich history complete with thick carpets, pine wood floors and fireplaces to add intimacy and charm.

9. Four Charleston natives were witnesses and also have their signatures on the Declaration of Independence. They include: Thomas Heyward Jr., Thomas Lynch Jr., Arthur Middleton and Edward Rutledge.

10. Charleston is known as the town of traveling artists, or Limners. During the 18th Century, as many as 500 different artists made their way to this city and eventually settled here. One of the more famous included Samuel Morse, who was actually a painter by trade. Upon settling in Charleston, he quit painting and became the inventor or Morse code.