Top 10 Interesting Facts About Madagascar

Facts About MadagascarMadagascar lends itself to be one interesting fact after another, which is way it attracts so many tourists each year. While it is certainly a popular destination, it is somewhat off the radar for U.S. travelers perhaps because not a lot of people are aware of the utopia and all it has to offer. Here are 10 interesting facts about Madagascar to peak your travel antennas.

1. 90% of the flora and fauna including wildlife are endemic to only Madagascar and you will not find them in any other parts of the world, unless it was imported there.

2. Facts about Madagascar also include the Elephant Bird, which is the largest bird currently on the planet, although it is listed on the endangered species list.

3. There are over 70 different species of Madagascar lemurs, including the giant lemurs.

4. Madagascar, 160 million years in the making. Before that it was part of the supercontinent, Gondwanaland, but was separated from the southern coast of Africa due to shifting and drifting in the continental divide.

5. The number one export product is Vanilla. Madagascar is the world’s industry leader and supplier in producing the exporting this spice.

6. This is the world’s fourth largest island. It is relatively about the size of the great state of Texas.

7. Tourists trying to determine the best time to visit should know that Madagascar has two main seasons. November through April is hot and rainy, while May through September is cooler and dry, which makes this the prime time to visit the Madagascar beaches.

8. Little known facts about Madagascar are that while snakes are a part of the reptile family that inhabits the island, none of which are classified as poisonous.

9. People choose to visit this island for several different reasons; however common Madagascar tourist attractions are the wildlife safaris and adventure tours.

10. Despite the ever popular children’s Pixar movie, Madagascar; there are actually no lions, giraffes, hippos or zebras on the entire island. Pygmy hippos once believed to have lived there are long since extinct for nearly 1,000 years.

We are so sure the facts about Madagascar listed about have sufficiently sparked your interest in this behemoth island. This destination is suited best for families and couples due to the activities available on the island and through the Madagascar hotels and travel agencies. It is considered an ecotourism paradise and would add benefit to the lives of all that have the opportunity to visit.