Top 10 Interesting Facts About Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens CopenhagenA very difficult task is at hand when trying to narrow down the top 10 interesting facts about Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen due to the multi facetted venue and complex assortment of events hosted there. Needless to say, the designer of these gardens was obviously a forward thinker.

1. Tivoli was the brain child of Georg Carstensen and opened in 1843. It is said that he convinced the reigned king to allow him to build the park so that the kingdom of people could go to amuse themselves and think less about politics.

2. Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen consists of an amusement park, concert hall, aquarium and performing arts theater. Such events that take place include, the Tivoli Boys Guard Parade and the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra still performs there.

3. After a trip overseas, Walt Disney was inspired by what he saw at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen and he created Disneyland based on similar concepts.

4. There are a nearly forty-five different types of restaurants, cafes and food stands throughout Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen. If you can’t find something you like there with so much to choose from, then you’re probably not hungry.

5. There are currently 25 rides at the amusement park, with the latest being Vertigo. This is a great place for parents looking for things to do in Copenhagen with kids.

6. If by chance you are in Denmark around Christmas time, take time to stop by Tivoli as nearly 2 million Christmas illuminate the park and create a wintery magical scene.

7. Copenhagen hotels are plentiful and you can even stay inside Tivoli Gardens at the Nimb Hotel. The accommodations are convenient if you are planning on attending any of the evening concerts or theater performances.

8. Things to do in Copenhagen can also include getting married. Tivoli is the perfect setting amongst the soft background of Tivoli Lake and sharply manicured gardens that surround the park.

9. There are three roller coasters in the Tivoli Gardens amusement park. One being one of the world’s oldest wooden coasters called, Rutschebanen.

10. Several Copenhagen tours are offered that allow tourists to see the famous park grounds as part of the touring sightseeing package. Tours can be booked in advance or same day if space is available.

Tivoli Gardens as a grand piece of imagination that has stood the test of time. It continues to get better and better as time marches on with each new addition, element and tweak of technology.