Top 10 Interesting Facts About Underwater Hotel Dubai

Underwater Hotel DubaiDubai is best known as a city that defies the limits between reality and science fiction. This no exception when it comes to the design of the Underwater Hotel Dubai. In addition to this Dubai has created an island to be shaped as a palm tree, the Palm Island Dubai which is just another example of their inventiveness. Here we have a list of the top ten interesting facts about the Underwater Hotel Dubai, Hydropolis.

1. This is the world’s first hotel to be submerged underwater. Many have a floor that is underwater, but not an entire hotel.

2. The architectural design is in a figure eight, laying on its side and is modeled after the physiology of man.

3. The designer, Hauser incorporated his fascination with water and sea into his design, thus his reasoning for an underwater hotel. Hauser claims, “Humans consist of 80% water, the earth is 80% water, without water there is no life.”

4. The guests of the Underwater Hotel Dubai will enter at the land station where they will be carried by a soundless train suspended by cables into the hotel.

5. The upper stories of the land station will be home to a cosmetic surgical clinic, marine biological research laboratory as well as conference facilities.

6. The “bowl” of the hotel will be constructed externally before being lowered into place. Because the shallow water is not transparent but muddy, large controlled fish tanks will be constructed, giving the illusion of being in the deep ocean. The lower part of the hotel will look out into the actual ocean.

7. This is the largest construction project in the world, ever The Underwater Hotel Dubai is roughly the size of Hyde Park in London.

8. The property the hotel sits on belongs to His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Crown Prince of Dubai. This is his last standing free beach property on this coast and is definitely slated to be the one of the best hotels in Dubai.

9. In case the hotel becomes a terrorist target, it is armed with its own missile defense system.

10. The Underwater Hotel Dubai is a practice run for the designer, Hauser for the construction of a possible hotel in space.

The Underwater Hotel Dubai is definitely one of the most unique and fun things to do in Dubai, whether you will choose to stay here, or just take a tour and make use of the many amenities.