Top 10 Interesting Glacier National Park Facts

Glacier National Park FactsGlacier National Park facts are very diverse because this area in Montana is so unique. However, there are a few that stand out above the rest. The majority include information about the history as well as the number of campsites and tours available.

Glacier National Park is a wonder to behold because of the majestic mountains and cool, refreshing lakes that appear as mirrors. They reflect the mountains and are so clear, you can not distinguish the pools of water from the sky above.

The top 10 interesting Glacier National Park facts can be found listed below:

1. Glacier National Park history dates back as far as 1910, when it was established.

2. Glacier National Park lodging includes approximately 78 campgrounds with more than 1200 different sites. They are separated into classes. 13 are class A or B campgrounds. The remaining are considered backcountry.

3. Glacier National Park backpacking incorporates 151 trails and this encompasses more than 745 miles. Many trails are short and simple, but a few exist that will challenge even the most experienced hiker.

4. Glacial National Park tours include horseback rides. However, there is only one provider, called Swan Mountain Outfitters. You must schedule advanced appointments to participate.

5. The size in acres is approximately 1,013,594, however more than 500,000 of these acres are owned privately. This is one of the many unknown Glacier National Park facts. Most believe the entire are is available for public use.

6. There are a total of 175 mountains in Glacier National Park, which makes the terrain very challenging. This is especially true during the winter.

7. The largest glacier in the park is called Blackfoot Glacier; it measures approximately 7 square miles and is so large it can be seen for miles.

8. Glacier National Park facts also include information regarding wildlife. There are 277 documented species of birds.

9. Exactly one year after establishment, there were 4000 visitors to Glacier National Park. By the year 2000, this number swelled to over 1.7 million.

10. The highest mountain in Glacier National Park is called Mount Cleveland, it measures 10,448 feet in height.