Top 10 Interesting Key West Facts

Key West FactsPerhaps one of the most significant Key West facts includes the proximity of this island to Cuba. At just 90 miles or so, this area of Florida became a safe haven for many seeking refuge during a very important time in history.

This is why many Key West facts include the Latino and/or Hispanic culture and their contributions. Latin and Hispanic people make up approximately 22.9% of the entire population of Key West.

There are other Key West facts to consider as well, especially those that appeal to visitors, like the lovely landscapes, indigenous wildlife and massive number of fun and interesting attractions.

For your enjoyment, here are the top 10 interesting Key West facts:

1. One of the major Key West attractions is diving. This is because out of all of the coral reefs in the entire world, theirs comes in 3rd for size and splendor. The size is 160 miles in length and more than 5 million divers, both professional and novices journey here each year.

2. Mile for mile, Key West is actually closer to another country than Miami, which is in the same state. But, Key West nightlife can give the exciting town of Miami a run for the money. In fact, Key West has over 25 bars, nightclubs and live entertainment. Most are located on Duval Street, which is the hub for partiers and center of everything.

3. You might forget that you are in the metropolis when you start looking for places to shop, since the only Walmart is actually 126 miles north. This is one of the more interesting Key West facts. Although the industrial giant attempted to place a store here, they were blocked and after several attempts, just gave up.

4. Many Key West packages include activities such as parasailing and jet skiing, because of the 6 beaches that surround the area. However, there are no lifeguards and you cannot go nude or even topless while sunbathing, this will result in a hefty fine.

5. You can find things to do in Key West all year round because the weather has never dipped under 41 degrees in all of recorded history. For this reason, more than 25,000 people call this area home. They never even see a hint of frost.

6. There is one highway in Key West. Highway 1, which runs the length of every state on the east coast. It is 2,209 miles in length and ends in Maine. This makes the trip extremely easy for anyone who lives as far as the eastern tip of the northern portion of the United States.

7. Although the weather in Key West is tropical, they are susceptible to hurricanes and flooding quite frequently. In fact, between May and October they receive approximately 63% of precipitation for the year.

8. Although the Keys are divided because of their large numbers, 1700 in total. Only Key West has the largest number of permanent residents, including Key Largo.

9. Each year, Key West produces over 100 million cigars. This makes the city the largest producer of cigars in the United States. Beginning in 1831 when the first factory was established. This product actually helped establish the city and brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue annually.

10. Key West is known for spectacular sunsets. Each evening, hundreds gather to Mallory Square to watch the day end with splendor as the sun sinks into the ocean. This tradition dates back to the 60s.