Top 10 Interesting Mount Rainier Facts

Mount Rainier FactsMount Rainier facts are amazing, especially when you consider that this is Washington’s tallest mountain. In addition, it ranks number21 in height out of all of the mountains in the entire world.

There are other Mount Rainier facts to discover and once you realize just how startling they are, you will understand why there are so many visitors who come every year to experience to wonders of this state and specifically, this powerful mountain.

Here are the top 10 interesting Mount Rainier facts:

  1. As one of the best places to visit in Washington State, Mount Rainier has the tallest peak that actually stretches through three states: Oregon, northern California and of course, Washington State.
  2. Another one of the more astounding Mount Rainier facts is that it is so high that once you reach the lowest summit, Liberty Cap you can see four additional mountains, Mount Baker, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams.
  3. Located in Mount Rainier National Park, which coincidentally, shares the same name, this mountain is a dominant part of the landscape and at its highest, stands just about 3 miles above the western lowlands. It is also active with the most recent eruption occurring during 1894.
  4. Hiking Mount Rainier is actually something most people can participate in. The trails vary from easy to moderate to strenuous. In all there are more than 250. However, the steep elevations can change quickly from 50 feet to well over 9000.
  5. Climbing Mount Rainier on the other hand, takes a keen eye and a lot of skill. You also need quite a bit of gear, which can weigh up to 65 pounds. You should also be prepared to face the elements as the weather declines quickly every few hundred feet and can get as deep as 6 to 12 inches, just at 6500 to 7000 feet.
  6. Other Mount Rainier facts regarding the weather are the startling differences in wind speed and temperature. At 2700 feet, the average temperatures can be approximately 40 to 50F. However, by the time you reach the first summit of 14411 feet, winds whipping at 60 mph and temperatures of 10F are not uncommon.
  7. Mount Rainier climbers have their choice of either pitching tents and roughing it or staying at Camp Hazard, which is located at a height of 11,600 feet. It is just below Ice Cliff. The other lodging accommodation is Camp Muir which is actually a stone cabin built for shelter. It is lower at 10,000 feet.
  8. Fresh water is never a problem since there are 26 glaciers that continually melt providing a constant access. However, since these areas are located in sections where the snow is heaviest and never melts, getting to these glaciers is somewhat impossible.
  9. More than 2 million tourists visit the National Park which makes it the 5th most popular national park in the United States. Since the park is open year round and has five areas that have been developed, it is never overrun and can accommodate many more.
  10. The park itself is 97% pure wilderness and only 3% is dedicated as a national landmark. Even still, at 235,625 acres, 3% is the equivalent of 7068.75 acres.