Top 10 Interesting Mount Vesuvius Facts

Mount Vesuvius FactsIf you stop and ask just about anyone in the world if they know any Mount Vesuvius facts, they will more than likely bring up Pompeii in 79 AD.

It’s true, that the destruction of this city is something that should never be forgotten, but the Mount Vesuvius facts are not limited to this occurrence. It is truly an awe inspiring piece of geological history that deserves to be recognized for both its danger and beauty.

If you really want to read about Mount Vesuvius facts, you must first understand the creation of this legendary volcano and how it all began. Only then will you realize that something this magnificent is ready for a new outlook, not to be blended with anything else in history.

Here are the top 10 most interesting Mount Vesuvius facts:

1. This is one of the most famous places to visit in Italy and each year, more than 2 million tourists come to gaze upon the structure. However, it is also the only volcano to have experienced an eruption in Europe over the past century. It occurred during 1944.

2. Mount Vesuvius continues to spew smoke and gases to date. After 79 AD, there have been a total of 36 eruptions, beginning in 203 AD. The major eruptions occurred during the 17th century, the 18th century, the 19th century and the 20th century.

3. At a height of 42,000 feet, everyone who partakes in one of the many Pompeii tours can actually get as close as 200 meters within the limits of the summit because of the many pathways and even the access road.

4. Amalfi Coast tours that feature a stop at Mount Vesuvius all take the same road off the Naples Bay. Most take at least three hours to get there. With over 3 million full time residents, this area receives more traffic than any other town on the coast.

5. Another interesting one of the Mount Vesuvius facts is the eruptions has actually made the soil more fertile than any other part of the Southern Italian region. Olives and wine are the main exports.

6. You can find Amalfi Coast vacations that feature private tours to Mount Vesuvius that will allow you to ride in luxury until you reach a certain point. After that, you still have to walk at least 30 minutes up a steep embankment before reaching the top. They will not allow helicopter rides at all.

7. The Romans and Greeks of the ancient world held Mount Vesuvius in such high regard that the town, Herculaneum was named after Hercules. Ironically, this town was also destroyed in 79 AD, but most don’t even talk about it.

8. Since The name of this volcano, Vesuvius, means hurling violence, it is very appropriate as it has killed thousands by hurling molten lava and tons of ash.

9. To date, archaeologists have uncovered perfectly preserved artifacts and ruins that were packed in the molten ash that include animals, people, scrolls, house hold products and more.

10. Before the eruption in 79 AD, there was a massive earthquake. It happened in 62 AD setting the stage for the catastrophic events to come. The earthquake caused the sea to become unsettled and natural gases to escape.