Top 10 Interesting NYC Central Park Facts

Central Park Facts1. Central Park (CP) is the ultimate nature’s escape oasis spanning across whopping 843 acres amidst buzzing Manhattan area in NYC and one of the most popular New York landmarks that can compete only with the Statue of Liberty in a number of annual visitors. Lakes, lush meadows, skating rink, fountains and sports fields are just a short list of attractions you should expect to find here.

2. Central Park facts have it that today CP boasts over 35 millions yearly visitors coming to see one of the most popular parks in the world.

3. The “Greensward Plan” outlined the prospects of a future park in NYC in 1853. According to the plan, CP was to be designed by a prototype of an English style park completed with large meadows, rich vegetation and several lakes and fountains. A large number of trees, shrubs and vegetation were to be planted with the single purpose of screening busy NYC landscapes and providing a perfect retreat amidst a hectic city.

4. Robert Moses was an honorable NYC Parks Commissioner who served the NYC for 26 years turning the CP from an ultimate relaxation area to a recreational paradise constructing most of sports facilities and renovating the Park’s Zoo, adding several focal points and sculptures.

5. 1970 became a rather unlucky time period in the history of CP uncovering rather unfortunate Central Park facts that had to do with growing crime rates, acts of vandalism and decline in CP visitors.

6. Central Park Conservancy was created in 1980 with the purpose of restoring CP and its surrounding areas to its full glory witnessed through Moses’s years in the office. A group of workers was hired with the sole purpose of cleaning park’s structures from graffiti. In addition, police patrolling was enforced to keep CP area safe for guests and citizens.

7. CP is home to one of the most beloved attractions in New York City, Central Park Zoo. Rated by multiple NYC guides as one of the best things to do in New York with kids, here you can see unique animals, birds and aquatic species. Plenty of youth intended programs elevate guests’ experience.

8. Metropolitan Museum of Art also calls CP its home and boasts almost 2 millions pieces of artwork and artifacts displayed at the quarters of the museum. The museum’s collection was moved several times to different locations around CP to accommodate a growing number of exhibits that have grown 20 fold throughout museum’s history.

9. According to widely populated Central Park facts, there have been hundreds of movies filmed on the territory of the CP, including Home Alone, Elf, Serendipity, Rosemary’s Baby, When Harry Met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many others. You can book a movie tour of CP that will take you to actual areas where memorable scenes were shot.

10. When you come to visit CP, depending on the season the best way to enjoy the experience is to book a tour and learn plenty of Central Park facts you can not find out on your own. Guided walking, pedicab and even biking tours are available for your enjoyment.