Top 10 Interesting Outer Banks Facts

Outer Banks FactsThe Outer Banks facts of North Carolina are very interesting and super diverse. One could do research for hours and still not come across the same facts twice. These barrier islands keep North Carolina safe from the approaching seas, but they do take a beating every once in a while; especially when the winter storms blow through.

For this reason, those that are deemed the most intriguing Outer Banks facts are displayed in this article so you can review them at-a-glance. You will need to have specific information when you are considering a vacation here.

Here is a list of the top 10 Outer Banks facts:

1. In addition to Outer Banks fishing, bike riding tops the list of the most exciting things to do. In fact, there are mile of bike lanes along some of the most popular highways, including route 158 and route 12, which is the road that follows the ocean. Between April and September, there are approximately 15,000 bike rentals in this area of North Carolina.

2. The Graveyard of the Atlantic is one of the top Outer Banks attractions. It is famous because there are more than 500 ships and water vessels resting at the bottom of this part of the Atlantic Ocean. The two most famous are the U-85, a submarine and The Monitor.

3. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is one of the most famous and stands at a height of 187 feet and is 37 feet long. It dates back to 1870 and is available for public tours only one day a week.

4. The Outer Banks lighthouses are by far the most famous and diverse. They include some of the most magnificent like, Bodie Island, Currituck Beach and Ocracoke. Each of these lighthouses is over 100 years old and provided sailors of their day with navigation abilities that would have been otherwise non-existent.

5. The Wright Brothers National Memorial, in Kill Devil Hills is also on Cape Hatteras and stands as a testament to their pioneering spirit as they became the first to take flight in the air. This memorial is 431 acres in size and was dedicated in 1932.

6. The number of Outer Banks weddings has increased each year and as of the early 2000’s more than 20,000 couples visit this area each year to trade their vows and begin their new life together.

7. Since there are more than 200 miles of beaches that include North Carolina and a tiny part of Virginia, the Outer Banks islands provide more fishing, sailing and swimming than any other coastal area in the United States. This is but one of the more interesting Outer Banks facts.

8. Another one of the Outer Banks facts surrounds the weather. Although it is technically a part of the southern region, this area receives very strange weather each year because of the geographical location. They tend to receive more powerful hurricanes and storms driven by the ocean currents.

9. The first bridges were constructed during the 1930s. Prior to these construction efforts, boats were the only way to reach this region.

10. The average snowfall in this region is less than 3 inches, however there have been as many as 8 years that have passed without a trace of snow.