Top 10 Interesting Pamplona Running of The Bulls Facts

Pamplona Running of The BullsBullfighting in Spain has been around for centuries but how did they get the bulls into the bullfighting ring? Perhaps the most famous of all is the Pamplona running of the bulls, although many other towns use the same tactics to get those animals into the ring. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about the Pamplona running of the bulls:

1. It may be the most dangerous of things to do in Spain, but many do it each year. People run through the streets with bulls behind them, hoping to outrun the beasts to the bullfighting ring.

2. It is part of the festival of San Fermines, a festival that runs between July 6 and 14th each year. The first ‘race’ is held on July 7th, and then each morning thereafter.

3. The Pamplona bull run like many others around the world is centuries old. It came to be because farmers needed a way to get the bulls from their sleeping corrals down to the ring. Brave youth would jump into the fray to prove how courageous they were and a tradition was born.

4. The Pamplona running of the bulls is broadcasted live on two national television networks, allowing everyone to witness the festivities.

5. Participants must be over 18, physically fit and not be under the influence of alcohol to participate in the run.

6. Each run features 6 bulls and 6 steers that run alongside. Three additional steers are set out of the corral 2 minutes after the initial set have been released.

7. The length of the run is only about 826 meters, meaning it is all over in about 12-15 seconds. But what a heart pumping 15 seconds they are!

8. Every year, there are between 200-300 casualties from the Pamplona running of the bulls. Most people get injured when they fall down or fall into a barrier meant to keep the bulls on the course.

9. Throughout history many people have been killed during the runs. Records have been kept since 1910 and show that over the years 15 people have been killed during the runs, the majority of them through gouging.

10. There is an app for that! Of course there is, you can download an app to better train and ready you for your attempt to outrun the bulls in Pamplona!

The Pamplona running of the bulls has been around for centuries with different people each year wanting to test their skill against these massive beasts. Because the runs are held throughout the streets of the town, there are plenty of hotels in Pamplona to choose from if you wish to attend to watch or be part of the action. It takes skill, it takes nerve and it takes quick reflexes, but if you think you have what it takes, good luck to you!