Top 10 Interesting Sagrada Familia Facts

Sagrada Familia FactsWhen visiting Spain, tourists will find that there are many fun and interesting things to do in Barcelona. This is truly one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. From the wonderful Barcelona lodging options to the many museums and galleries, the architecture is a piece of work in itself. One of the most famous pieces of architecture is the Sagrada Familia. There are many interesting and somewhat tragic Sagrada Familia facts that will shock and amaze visitors. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 most interesting Sagrada Familia facts.

1. The conception and design of Sagrada Familia began in 1882. After about two years of work, Antoni Gaudi was hired to finish the project.

2. Gaudi died well before finishing the basilica. He is now buried in a crypt under Sagrada Familia.

3. After Gaudi’s death Domenech Suaranyes took over until the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War when construction was halted.

4. After construction stopped in 1935, it did not begin again until the late 1950’s.

5. One of the most surprising Sagrada Familia facts is that while construction of this magnificent piece of architecture is still being worked on, it is not expected to be finished until around 2026; one hundred years after Gaudi’s death.

6. There are only 8 of the planned 18 towers completed. They reach about 100 meters. Each tower is to represent an apostle, with their name engraved on their tower.

7. One could walk around inside and out of Sagrada Familia for hours and still not see all of the statues and artwork. This is truly an amazing example of some of Gaudi’s finest work.

8. There are 3 facades in Sagrada Familia. Each of these depicts the three virtues of hope, faith and love.

9. If you walk up the 400 steps or take the elevators to the top you may enjoy beautiful although only partial views of Barcelona including the famous Gaudi House Museum which was the former home of Gaudi.

10. The basilica is one of the UNESCO heritage sites within Barcelona.

It’s clear that from these amazing Sagrada Familia facts why this is one of the most popular Barcelona attractions. In addition to this unfinished project, visitors will see Gaudi’s work through Barcelona such as in the Park Guell and the Gaudi House Museum.