Top 10 Interesting Seattle Facts

Seattle FactsYou can explore Seattle facts for day, weeks, months and even years but still never come up with them all. That’s because Seattle is changing every minute and continues to be one of the most interesting cities in the northwestern part of the United States.

Here are the top 10 interesting Seattle facts:

1. One of the really unusual Seattle facts has to do with their residents and the education level. It has been reported that Seattle, Washington has more than 50% of their residents receiving college degrees. These numbers pertain to the over 25 year-old age bracket and makes Seattle America’s top educated city.

2. Other Seattle facts are about the health of the residents. For the past 20 years, Seattle has ranked in the top 10 of all of the cities in America as being the fittest. They participate in more outdoor activities, even when it rains that the entire eastern seaboard and 40 % of the south.

3. Even more Seattle facts surround their bridges. This city is home to Murrow Bridge and Evergreen Point Bridge which are two of the lengthiest floating bridges, not just in the U.S. but in the world. The Evergreen Point Bridge measures 7578 feet in length and the Murrow Bridge is 6620 feet in length. These two bridges are included in the top Seattle tourist attractions.

4. There are 6 major companies in the United States that play a part in Seattle facts. They include, Costco, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and UPS. What role do they play? Each of these companies was originally founded in the city of Seattle.

5. With an average temperature of 58.9F, even during July the temperatures never reach more than 75.2F. Although, the hottest recorded temperature of 103 occurred during July of 2009.

6. There are many fun things to do in Seattle, although many believe it rains much of the time and this causes tourists to plan indoor activities when they visit. The truth is however, Seattle actually receives less rain annually than 5 metropolitan cities with many more tourists. These cities are: Washington DC, Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Houston, TX and New York, NY.

7. There are many stories behind the Fremont Troll statue that lurks mysteriously under the George Washington Bridge. However, many believe it is directly related to the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairytale, which was a product of Scandinavia. In reality, this structure was actually designed by some of Seattle’s most talented artists and won acclaim during 1990. It has since helped to bring the life back to this part of Seattle where vagrants and derelicts once dwelt.

8. Because Seattle was subjected to devastation from fire during the 19th century, the rebuilding of this city came with a bonus that is now called Underground Seattle. Back in 1889, more than 31 blocks were demolished. The authorities decided rather than rebuild, they would instead re-grade. This meant the new town was to be approximately 2 stories in height above the previous structures. The underground structures remained and are now visited by thousands annually.

9. Originally opened during 1907, Pike Market is also a residential area where approximately 500 people live. There are 8 buildings spread along the routes of the market that are seldom discussed, but are part of Seattle’s history nonetheless.

10. The Space Needle is so high that once you reach the observation deck that measures 520 feet in height, you can see Mount Rainier, Elliott Bay and Mount Baker. The Sky City Restaurant, which completes a full rotation while diners eat, is just 20 feet below the observation deck so the views are just as impressive. However, since this part of the tower changes, so does the view.