Top 10 Interesting Statue of Liberty Facts

Statue of LibertyLearning a few important Statue of Liberty facts helps elevate guests’ experience and make their trip to the Liberty Island in New York City more enjoyable.

1. Statue of Liberty (SOL) celebrated its 125th anniversary in October 2011 which also marked the commencement of a major renovation stage that will encompass Statue’s supporting structures like elevators, security systems and fire safety to ensure guests’ safety and heightened experience from visiting one of the most popular New York landmarks.

2. In October of 1886 SOL was presented to United States as a symbol of friendship and freedom by the people of France due to newly formed union during American Revolution. SOL was to represent a peaceful enlightened path to freedom that French Republic was still unable to achieve at that time.

3. According to widely known Statue of Liberty facts, two distinguished Frenchmen stood behind the idea of SOL. Edouard de Laboulaye was a French politician to whom the first idea of commemoration had occurred and Auguste Bartholdi was a renowned French sculptor who brought this idea to life.

4. The Liberty Island of New York was not the original location where the SOL was supposed to be placed. Initially, Auguste Bartholdi intended to place the Statue at the Suez Canal but the idea was quickly dismissed. Today the SOL is located on the Liberty Island south of the Ellis Island.

5. The SOL was delivered in parts to the United States from France. According to not so well known Statue of Liberty facts, the ship that was carrying various SOL pieces nearly sank due to encountering harsh sea weather elements, however, ended up safely arriving to America in June of 1885.

6. The SOL torch that was fully renovated in 1986 was covered in a thin layer of 24K gold allowing it to enhance its light reflective properties.

7. Ellis Island or as it is sometimes referred to as “The Golden Door to America” served as United States main immigration hub which had seen millions of immigrants entering America from many different countries in search of a better life in its 62 year history. Now it’s home to one of the most curious Immigration Museums in the world depicting the history of America’s early immigrants and what they had to face upon arrival along with interesting Statue of liberty facts.

8. The only way to access the Liberty Island is to take ferries that depart regularly from various ports, Liberty State Park, Battery Park NYC and Lower part of Manhattan. Visitors do not have to pay for entering SOL National Park, however, there’s a charge to use the ferries.

9. The SOL has been widely depicted in social culture with each author trying to give it just another meaning to convey his ideas of freedom, social stability and peace. SOL has been seen in an endless list of paintings, posters, books and poems. Even world’s renowned magician David Copperfield made his attempt to temporary “disguise” the Statue of Liberty so it “appeared to disappear” in 1983.

10. The SOL has made numerous appearances on the big screen and was featured in a number of movies and even cartoons, namely, The Godfather, Spiderman, Planet of the Apes, The Day After Tomorrow and many others.